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  1. effylove

    Rep: for or against poll

    (I made a mistake on the last poll and mods said to just make another) admins would like feedback
  2. effylove

    The indecisive clothing thread

    can't choose between which clothing item to buy? me bloody neither post here and let internet people decide
  3. effylove

    The Onion Thread

    Post good Onion articles so that we may enjoy the smorgasbord of satire as we read in sanctimonious silence,27237/,21353/...
  4. effylove

    Your first day at uni

    How was it mine was filled with terrible lectures and forced friendship activities (wanted to neck myself multiple times) but I made friends in my lectures so it wasn't all bad
  5. effylove


    So what's the deal with them What do you do in them? (especially maths ones wtf) Are you with partners? Do you have to choose your partners? What if there are uneven numbers of people unrolled?
  6. effylove

    Good Headphone brands

    Tossing up whether or not to buy Dr Dre. any better ones out there before I get them?
  7. effylove

    Regarding the AOS question for paper 1

    When the writers of the hsc are, well, writing the hsc question, do they look at the trial questions from CSSA, independant etc. first? Has a trial question ever been similar/same to hsc question? Or do the writers look at them and try to write a different question?
  8. effylove

    Faking critic quotes

    Yay or nay?
  9. effylove

    Woman sprays cops with Breast milk

    "DELAWARE, Ohio— A central Ohio woman accused of spraying sheriff's deputies with breast milk is facing charges. Stephanie Robinette, 30, of Westerville faces charges including domestic violence, assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. The new mom's troubles started early...