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    Perms and Combs

    Order. If they're just looking for the amount of groups you can get, its a combination question - so order doesn't matter however if they're trying to find how much types of ways you can arrange, there then the order matters so its a permutation q.
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    Anybody know the order they teach the Adv+Ext 1 Course in?

    Doesn't your school provide a schedule for your courses? Ours gives us a guide on how our topics are ordered. We just did an assessment for Series and Further differentiation for adv and we just did vectors/induction for mx1. We're going to quickly finish trig and then move onto stats for x1 and...
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    Anybody know the order they teach the Adv+Ext 1 Course in?

    Depends on the school, the schools have full priority in which order they want to teach the courses in but there's a general trend among most schools. First topics for MX1 tend to be Induction and/or vectors and for Adv it tends to be series/sequences and/or further applications of derivatives...
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    bad rankings for maths

    If you top Advanced then perhaps.
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    bad rankings for maths

    LGLG; Less Gossip Learn to Grind sponsored by LG btw
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    bad rankings for maths

    Let's make an unanimous agreement that we'll never think about that for the sake of our own dignity.
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    bad rankings for maths

    then yea that would be desirable if you're trying to do above average but if you're trying to do the best you can then i would try top 10. Might be "unrealistic" or whatever but if you aim high, you'll either get there or land somewhere good anyways.
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    bad rankings for maths

    It depends on cohort size, how much people in your school do adv maths?
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    bad rankings for maths

    Regardless of any level, being bottom 20% is not desirable and it should be an indicator you should be spending more time on advanced to boost your marks, even if it is a subject of not much focus. So to answer your question, Yes, but definitely not something to drop over since its just your...
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    bad rankings for maths

    What level of mathematics are you studying?
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    Need help with roots of unity.

    Not the solution to (v) but just another method for these type of questions; Here's what I did. \sin(A)\sin(B) = \frac{1}{2} \times [\cos(A-B) - \cos(A+B)] \sin\left(\frac{\pi}{5}\right)\sin\left(\frac{2\pi}{5}\right) = \frac{1}{2} \times [\cos\left(\frac{\pi}{5}\right) -...
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    Have you spoke with your teachers, parents, friends?

    Have you spoke with your teachers, parents, friends?
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    Did any of you guys get dux? How was your prelims and how's term 1 treating you.
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    yes u should know triangle inequality bc its commonly tested, pre sure u can check past papers and there's at least one or two questions about them. You should know how to prove both ways just in case. also it does help if u know how to derive the other forms if u do plan to use it
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    for such simple q is working out ever required or plug into calc and write answer is enough

    seems like more effort to input in the calc than just do it quickly like normal
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    2021 Love thread

    cus u got like 1000 alts. Alright cya all, enjoy ur "romantic" chat with your alts
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    2021 Love thread

    Thx velocifire :p love u back as well.
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    2021 Love thread

    I'm glad that I was forgotten. I'll take one for the team everyone. Brothers, Sisters and in-betweens, please ignore this thread and let it die - for the sake of productivity and dignity. I'm going to troll.
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    What About University are you Most Excited About?

    I grew up with them, they're my dropkick brothas. One of my Gs offered me his best vape a week ago in the toilets but yk I had to resist because I dont want my lungs looking like sultanas by the end of the HSCs yfm but times are changing so it is what it is. Gonna miss the sneaker fests and...