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    Melbourne University Colleges

    Hi, I know this has been discussed before, but I was wondering if anyone had any current information on the colleges at Melbourne Uni, what the atmosphere of each on is like and such :) Thanks so much!
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    Adelaide Second Round Medicine Interviews

    Hi Guys, I was just wondering if anyone would have any information on what UMAT and ATAR would put someone in chance of an interview offer for the uni of Adelaide medicine course? I am from interstate and obtained a UMAT of 88 and an ATAR of 99.15, I was just curious as to wether there was...
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    Guaranteed Medicine at UQ

    Hey Guys! I just completed HSC this year with an ATAR of 99.15 (OP 1 equivalent). I was just wondering if anyone had any information as to whether this score- with my UMAT mark of 88 (58, 54, 66), - was enough to receive an offer to UQ guaranteed medical pathway - bonded or unbonded...
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    Is above 99 likely- ATAR estimate please

    Hi guys I was just wondering if anyone could let me know if above 99 is possible (it's what I need for my uni course). My school rank is approximately 15th English advanced:3/52 (trial mark =92%) Modern history : 1/26 (trial mark = 93%) Pdhpe: 1/12 (trial mark = 95%) Ancient history...