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    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    I've actually accepted an offer for arts/commerce at UNSW, and I can't do commerce at USYD as I only did general maths. I'm mostly concerned about whether I should do commerce with arts or science, as I'm still unsure whether the psychology major in arts is accredited. On another note, I'm...
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    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    Thanks for sharing this info! A bit confused though, as i remember being told that the psychology major in the bachelor of arts (UNSW) isn't accredited? So you won't be able to go on to do a masters and become a registered psychologist. I've looked on UNSW's website and it's fuzzy with the...
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    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    Overall i'm really happy with how i went, but i'm shocked by the disparity between my internal and external marks for history extension and general maths. ATAR calcs have been around 93. Really hope they're accurate as my goal was 91. Eng adv 88 Eng ex 48 (49 hsc, 46 internal) Modern his 88...
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    Post-HSC ATAR estimate

    Thank you! I was hoping for around that, but history ex was worrying me
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    Post-HSC ATAR estimate

    School rank: 24th Median atar: 91 Cohort ranks (i could only find % b6) Eng adv: 75/160, 30% b6 Eng ex: 14/40, 39% b6 Modern history: 19/38, 22% b6 History ex: 13/13, 80% top 2 bands Legal: 7/38, 58% b6 General maths: 14/16, 70% b6 For HSC, felt pretty confident for legal and modern...
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    Exam Thoughts

    Really liked ATB essay question, creative was a bit disappointing for me just because it didn't fit my idea well. How many pages did you all write? I did 13 for essay and 10 for creative, but I have really big handwriting (4-5 words per line). I 'm a bit concerned about my creative tbh...
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    What does illness/misadventure cover?

    The NESA website isn't that clear about what cases illness/misadventure can be used, so i was wondering whether anyone here knows specifics/has experience filing one. I've heard that in the case of illness, it has to be so severe that it would warrant hospitalisation. And that mental illness...
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    Modern History Essay Predictions

    Hey guys, Any ideas on what essay questions they might ask? Here are ones my teacher predicted: WWI: - Changing attitudes of soldiers + homefront - Total war Personality: - Part I: Describe personal background + historical context (apparently it hasn't been asked in a while and 3 sig events...
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    General 2 Paper

    What do you guys reckon will be b6 cutoff for this year? I feel like i didn't lose many marks, but it seems like this was an easier exam, so im worried i still wont reach cutoff
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    Hissssstory Extension

    Part 1 i was pretty happy with, i wrote about film/popular history too. Kinda freaking out about part 2 though, i went way overboard on part 1 (10 pages) and only had 40 minutes for part 2. Ended upwith only 4.5 pages. How screwed am i? Ugh so mad at myself cause this happened to me in paper 1...
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    HSC Standard/Advanced Paper 1 Exam Thoughts

    Was the essay question about rediscovery? I didn't think about that at all
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    Eng Adv Stimuli and Essay Questions Prediction?

    Any Mod B Yeat's poem predictions? Irish Airman, Leda and the Swan and When You are Old are the only ones which haven't been specified yet. Second Coming has been specified, but way back in 2012. Pretty worried it might be 2nd Coming, i really hate that one. In 2014 and 2015 they didn't...
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    2018ers Chit-Chat Thread

    Phew, thanks for that, i feel a lot better now :)
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    2018ers Chit-Chat Thread

    Hey guys, so i took a really long break after trials and i still haven't done ANY study at all for HSC externals yet. My notes actually aren't complete, should i spend the next week finishing my notes (it'll probably take that long) but only have 3 weeks do do past papers? I've forgotten a lot...
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    Doing well in 5 units, badly in other 5. ATAR Estimate?

    School ranking: 2017=24th, 2016=17th, 2015=22nd My school's median ATAR in 2017 was 91/92 (can't remember) Subject, Rank, 2017 %b6, 2017 #b6 English Adv: 75/160, 30% b6, 41 b6 Eng Ex: 14/40, 39% b6, 15 b6 Legal: 6/38, 58% b6, 19 b6 Modern: 26/39, 22% b6, 8 b6 Gen Maths: 14/16, 70% b6, 7...
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    Just studying half the modern syllabus points?

    Hi guys, So my modern trial is in 2 days and tbh i haven't really studied much at all. However, my modern teacher has been really helpful with trying to reduce our workload, and he confirmed for sure about a few dot points that WON'T be in the trial: - WWI: Spring offensive + Allied...
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    School said they're giving me 0 if a miss a trials exams

    If i were to do pathways, it would be through TAFE. However, i'm trying to avoid that prospect as much as possible, i understand the potential benefits, it's just due to personal reasons.
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    School said they're giving me 0 if a miss a trials exams

    Thanks for all your advice every one, i really appreciate it. Basically i only have 2 options. Do pathways and complete half my units next year, or do 5 trials consecutively next week. Otherwise, i get 0 My situation is kinda hard to explain, since its not a physical illness. I fully...
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    School said they're giving me 0 if a miss a trials exams

    My parents called NESA and my mum said they were really vague. Apparently they said the internal mark is 'assessment based' and implied that schools aren't supposed to give estimates? I have no idea what to do now
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    School said they're giving me 0 if a miss a trials exams

    Most schools seem to give an estimate mark if a student misses a trial exam. However, my school said that if i miss one i'll get an automatic 0. They said that they're not allowed to give estimates and that other schools are breaking the rules. I'm worried that my school is incorrect, as i've...