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    Do I still have a chance?

    I got an ATAR of 47.90 and was looking at doing B.Arts/B.Teaching (Secondary - Technology) at ACU. I looked at the bonus points and it says I should 3 boinus points because I got a Band 5 in Hospitality. Are there any other ways I can get bonus points? For example, coz I attended a catholic...
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    English Standard

    Just curious, how many people got a Band 5 or 6 in English Standard.
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    General Pants

    Why is it so fucking hard to get a job there? It's almost like you gotta be either gay or a massive slut to get hired. Does anyone on here work at GP?
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    What The....

    Ok. I'm in a stick situation here... (no pun intended) There's this creep, he's like 29. Anyway, he's single, lives with his parents and has no intention in getting with someone (female) and settling down (yet). Anywho - him and I are good friends yeah? But would you say it's normal that...
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    Attn: Everybody

    Thought I'd let everbody know what my anti virus detected:
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    Does anyone know where I can get decent black pointed shoes for say around about $70 to $110? I'm talking about black shoes to wear with skinny jeans like these ones:
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    I thought I'd create a thread about current Sales. Post here and inform other members who might be interested. Anyway, Zero at Westpoint Blacktown and Westfields Parramatta are having a 25% off on Lee and Wrangler jeans.
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    Teaching in Highschool

    Ok so here's my issue. I've all of a sudden decided to change my career path and want to become an English teacher and a DT teacher. Here's problem number 1: My school didn't run DT because we didn't have enough people picking it up therefore I couldn't take the class obviously. and Here's...