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    microeconomics question

    Suppose that Joshua spends 10 hours per day picking fruit. He can pick 1 kg of apples per hour and 1 kg of cherries every 2.5 hours. B) At his local farmer’s market, Joshua can buy or sell as much fruit as he wants at a price of $4/kg for apples and $8/kg for cherries. If Joshua only wanted...
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    adapting to university life??

    for those who have done their first year how long did it take you to adapt to uni , im in my first week and kind of finding it all very overwhelming as well as feeling kind of lost with pretty much everything
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    student id

    everytime ive tried to do the thing online it hasnt worked? would i be able to do it on campus during o week or should i just wait until classes start
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    psyc1001 and wam??

    anyone done this course and knows if it would be hard to get distinctions in? theres alot of contact hours and i enrolled but am wondering if its worth it
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    job interview

    i have a interview tommorow at salsas fresh mex grill in bondi and dont really know what to expect?? have any of you guys been there before?? do you think theyll hire me even tho i have 0 experience in fast food or anything , and i really hope it isnt a group interview :blink2:
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    has anyone done this course and knows if itll be hard to obtain a distinction/high distinction in??im considering taking it as a free elective but i didnt do maths in the hsc and wonder if that will negatively impact me?? also if you have done it what was it like
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    Free electives

    im doing crim/criminal justice at unsw and it says i can take 12 units of free electives in one semester but what is a free elective?? can you choose a subject from any faculty
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    how to accept offers??

    im kind of confused it says "accept or defer your offer in myunsw" i went onto that website and it took me in a circle
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    i am very anxious int terms of picking a degree first year because i want to pick one that i can add my law degree onto , i put criminology/criminal justice as my first preference just because and have guaranteed entry but im worried that this could impact employment opportunities in the future...
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    arts/business at UNSW

    has anyone done this degree and knows how hard it would be to obtain a WAM of 80+ so as to internally transfer into law 2nd year??
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    how to transfer into law 2nd year??

    as i didnt sit the LAT i cant go directly into combined law at unsw so im pondering on what to do for a year, im tossing between criminology or psychological science , in both instances how does it work when i want to add the law degree on?? do i have to get high distinctions the first year? if...
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    atar release time??

    it says 9am but apparently it has come out earlier in past years??
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    atar estimate??

    advanced eng-89 (1st place) bio-89 (2nd place) society-91 (1st place) modern-88 (1st place) chem-74 (8th) school rank: 300 i think
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    combined law

    does it matter a lot what you choose to mix your law degree with? like for instance if you do criminology/law can you end up working a job that has no relation to criminal law?
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    does a career like this exist

    is there such thing as fashion law?? is it in terms of intellectual property etc?. For big labels like dior , chanel etc what would someone have to study to work there as a lawyer
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    getting a job!

    does anyone know places that will hire even with like 0 experience that arent fast food chains like maccas or oportos? i need a job after hsc :awesome:
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    equilbrium calculation

    why am i getting this question wrong?? Solid ammonium hydrogen sulfide (NH4HS) decomposes to form ammonia gas and hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S). 2.00 moles of ammonium hydrogen sulfide were placed in a sealed 3.00 L container and the system was allowed to reach equilibrium. At equilibrium...
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    predictions for long responses??

    what do you guys think might be the extended response?? im hoping for industrial chem its about solvay process or sodium hydroxide production not sure about core modules tho
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    struggling with chem

    my brain is not wired for chemistry at all but rather writing and essays etc , the exam is in 5 days and i can barely answer past questions :evilfire: i dont know what to do i only need a mark of about 75-78 or maybe 80 but thats HIGHLYYYYY unlikely with my prevailing incompetence in this...
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    law school?

    how important is the university someone attends in terms of who major firms employ?? do they only look at uni's like usyd and unsw??