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  1. Zokunu

    HSC Falling Apart - Parents Divorce - Serious Discussion Pls

    This is long, if you can please don’t skim. My parents just separated yesterday. My mum is still here, but my dad left due to financial issues. I’m already having mixed emotions. They are going to book a lawyer or something and go court to solve this all at once. Then there is a high...
  2. Zokunu

    Too much time wasted?

    Hey Ah I think i'm wasting too much time in English and at the point where I barely wrote anything at all. Basically our tutor provided us with notes, and these notes are so detailed where you can basically craft an essay out of it. So whenever I write an essay I will keep , reading and...
  3. Zokunu

    Quick Question - Major Themes In Hamlet?

    Hey, just asking what are the major themes in Hamlet, especially in Act 3 Scene 1 (To be or not to be and get thee to a nunnery). For that scene their is definitely MORTALITY AND PATRIARCHY. Can someone please help me out for 1 more theme, is their CORRUPTION or MORALITY idk....please help me...
  4. Zokunu

    English Assessment Remarks?

    Alright i can't sleep, so just asking....and soz if this is a stupid question. Are the English Assessments (done at school) remarked by HSC markers? I mean, our teacher scans each paper after we've finished. What does he do with it, show it to future students or just straight out send them...
  5. Zokunu

    Somebody help me please?

    20. A heated body is cooling. The excess of it's temperature above that of it's surroundings is Theta = Ae^-kt , where t is in minutes. (a) If time t = 0, Theta = 80. Find A. Obviously...80. (b) If the temperature of the surroundings is 20 degrees Celsius and the body cools to 70 degrees...
  6. Zokunu

    Quick Question - Motion?

    A particle is projected vertically upwards from a point 0 with an velocity of 25ms-1 and a downward acceleration of 10ms-1. a) Find it's velocity and height at any time. V=25 - 10r and X=25t - 5t^2 b) What maximimum height does the particle reach? 31.25m c) At what time has it's velocity...
  7. Zokunu

    Please Critique - A Belonging Creative.

    If possible please point out grammatical errors and punctuation. If not, just leave down 1 sentence or two where you think the biggest or confusing problem is within the story. /15 if possible as well. Thank you so much. My Existence. It was incontrovertible from that day she wasn’t born...
  8. Zokunu

    Really Quick Projectile Q?

    A student throws a ball off a cliff with a speed of 30ms-1 at an angle of 30 degrees. The ball took 5s to land at the bottom of the cliff. (a) Determine the vertical component of the velocity Uy = 30sin30 = 15ms-1 (b) Determine the height of the cliff. - y = uyt + 1/2 ayt^2 = 15(5) +...
  9. Zokunu

    Really Quick Integration Question?

    For PG 14, question 2 B) , what am i doing wrong? I got 5/3 ==''. Answer: 12 1/3 units^2 Littlehelp? Thank you :)
  10. Zokunu

    Physics - Dilation Question?

    Hal is undertaking a return trip to Procyon (a nearby star), which is 11.4 light years away to drop off some Cargo. He plans on travelling at a speed of 0.7c (where c is the speed of light, 3 x 108m.s-1). (a) Discuss the difficulty of obtaining this speed with current technology. (b)...
  11. Zokunu

    Quick Space Question?

    Hey. A satellite of mass 100 kg performs a circular orbit, 1000km above the surface of the Earth. The radius of the Earth is 6.40 x 10^6 (a) Calculate the gravitational force acting on the satellite. = 730.4? (b) Calculate the time taken by the satellite to complete on revolution of...
  12. Zokunu

    Quick Radioisotope Question?

    I don't get it, how did it get oxygen - 18? Thank you.
  13. Zokunu

    Quick Question - EMF?

    http://www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/hsc_exams/hsc2012exams/pdf_doc/2012-hsc-exam-chemistry.pdf Question 14 please. StepbyStep? since i have no idea what to do here.... Thank you :)
  14. Zokunu

    The Zokunu Chronicles: My HSC, and how I progress

    YES, another HSC journal. TY Here is where I am going to put all my reports, and I hope you guys crituiqe me, because I legit need help in a lot of areas. My goal is a 90+, for duh GJ and hopefully a ticket back to "Hong Kong" for the fun of it at the end. English Advanced - 4/10, 6/15...
  15. Zokunu

    I need some answers...

    2014 HSC - Term 1 Advanced English .......... 4/10, 6/15 Rank: Legit...Last Math .......................... 55-60%? Rank: IDK yet Biology ....................... 18/20 Rank: No point ~ All mixed up since a lot of people got 18-19 ish Physics........................ 95%...
  16. Zokunu

    Quick Question - Trigonometry?

    I don't get it... For pi/2 < x < pi, use a diagram of a unit circle to show that: (a) cos (pi + x ) = -cosx (b) Sin (2pi - x) = -sinx I looked at the Fitzpatrick Solution booklet and still don't get this. Ex.15.3 Q11 Please help me out? Thanks
  17. Zokunu

    Question about "Studying Math"

    Yo, I have a Math test on Monday and I was just wondering...Should I study/practise textbook questions (Fitzpatrick) or Past Papers on the last day before a math Exam? Should I try attempt the questions which i don't know? Or simply just try to attempt all the questions based on the topic...
  18. Zokunu

    Help Differentiate Please?

    a) 2x^2 + 1 / √x^2 +1 Step by Step please? I keep getting 2x^3 + 3x/ x^2 + 1......=='' Answer: 2x^3 - 3x / (x^2 + 1)^3/2
  19. Zokunu

    Quick Question?

    Hey, can someone tell me if i answered this correctly or not? Their is no answer sheet. Thanks :)
  20. Zokunu

    Quick Projectile Question (2)?

    Littlehelp? StepbyStep would be nice, thank you :).