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  1. janaranaran!

    Can they ask for 3 prescribed texts?

    I'm talking about gendered language in EE1, I don't know how many you need for other electives, but is it possible that they'll ask in the essay to discuss more than 2 of your prescribed texts? also, surely they can't specify which ones?
  2. janaranaran!

    Arts/law or IR?

    Hi everybody, I apologise in advance for adding yet another IR thread.... The thing is, I want to study at ANU and I'm interested in IR, and im not *particularly* interested in law, but im wondering if the arts/law degree with a major in IR would considerably increase my employability...
  3. janaranaran!

    Calculator dying???

    I'm petrified my calculator will conk out in the exam...I've had it since year 8 and never changed the batteries. Are you allowed to bring in two?? one of my friends was suggesting two anyway so you can have one set to degrees and one to radians (i think thats a waste of time though)