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  1. i1337

    Final Marks distribution?

    So I found out that for the past few years , top 13 - 15% of people have received a HD in a course I do. A HD mark = 85 If I was ranked in the top 1% or any % < 15, but my pre-exam mark was, say, 34/50 (i.e. impossible to get HD), and I ace the exam, i.e. final mark 84/100, how does the...
  2. i1337


    Should you do internships in 2nd year or last year of your degree? When do you even apply for them? eg end of 1st year, end of 2nd year? What are the usual time slots ?
  3. i1337

    Pokemon GO thread

    This game is pretty fucking amazing /discuss
  4. i1337

    how do classes / timetabling work?

    I'm doing info sys next year. I looked here: https://www.business.unsw.edu.au/programs-courses/undergraduate/bachelor-information-systems#Program-structure In total I have to pick 16 classes. The degree is three years long. So is that about 3 classes per semester? Also...can you pick any...
  5. i1337

    Cambridge vs New Senior Mathematics

    Which has the best explanation and exercises? I noticed NSM 3u has one book for year 11 and 12 3 unit maths. It seems to be less pages than the combined Cambridge. Is it because the questions are just less repetitive? Which would be better to learn from (self study, maybe a few casual tutoring...
  6. i1337

    Textbook suggestions (science)

    So far I've got the following textbooks for year 11 & 12 NSW... Not sure if they're good so a second opinion would be helpful or some suggestions etc. Pre-lim (Year 11): Chemistry: Chemistry Contexts 1 Physics: Jacaranda HSC Science Physics 1 Pre-liminary course Third Edition Biology: KISS...
  7. i1337

    Confused about ATAR / HSC

    1) What is the ATAR and how is it calculated? I know its based on your year 11 / 12 subjects so would that mean that your yearly mark for those subjects would be your ATAR? 2)WHen you do your HSC , is it only 1 test? or a series of tests for every subject ? What if you did bad in one HSC but...