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  1. simplyinsanity

    I have a tutorial BEFORE the lecture? Normal?

    It's fine. If you have a subject where the tutorial has to come after the lecture, it will be really obvious when making your timetable (as it won't let you pick times where the lecture comes after)
  2. simplyinsanity

    Making thesis statements...

    If you don't want to fully agree or disagree with the question, I find saying 'to a certain extent' helpful. I like your first thesis statement. The other two should probably be reworded to make the meaning clearer.
  3. simplyinsanity

    What is a subject outline?

    The subject outline is that document you get at the beginning of semester. The one that shows you which topic you're studying each week, the readings you've got and what assessment tasks the subject has. I have no idea about credit transferring though.
  4. simplyinsanity

    timetable vacancies

    People tend to switch classes around though so just check back every few days or closer to when uni starts. A space will probably free up at the time you want :)
  5. simplyinsanity

    atar below cutoff (UTS)

    Cut offs change every year! So you definitely still have a chance to make the course.
  6. simplyinsanity

    Communications degree at usyd, unsw or uts?

    Iirc, at USYD you can only choose the communications subjects if you are doing B Arts (Media & Comms). Hi OP, I'm doing the Pub Comm/Law double at UTS. Yes, I am really enjoying the course so far. There are quite a lot of people (200+) for each lecture but I've never found that to be a...
  7. simplyinsanity

    Do we have to relate our related texts to our core ones?

    YES, you do. If your relateds are very different, you need to talk about that difference. Eg In contrast, [related text] focuses on [blah] and this allows the composer to achieve a different effect...
  8. simplyinsanity

    Can I get into uts law with a 96.80 ATAR?

    The cut off varies from year to year. They might also take into consideration your uni marks.
  9. simplyinsanity

    Workshop - Improving Your Cadetship/Intern/Grad Applications (Expression of interest)

    Re: Workshop - Improving Your Cadetship/Intern/Grad Applications (Expression of inter Interested! :)
  10. simplyinsanity


    If the issues are actually relevant to the question - yes
  11. simplyinsanity

    Are the communication courses at UTS good? Job prospects?

    Are you actually interested in arts subjects? (Eg languages, history, sociology). Because if you go with USYD, those subjects will make up around 2/3 of the course. Also, ATAR cutoffs for a course vary every year. It helps that UTS has a lot of industry connections and the course emphasises...
  12. simplyinsanity

    Are the communication courses at UTS good? Job prospects?

    I'm enjoying studying communications a lot. In terms of job prospects, that probably varies depending on which major you're studying and how willing you are to search for internships. I think the main difference between USYD and UTS communications is specialisation. The UTS courses all...
  13. simplyinsanity

    should i do english extension 1?

    Do you enjoy English? Do you like whichever elective your school is doing? If yes to both, do extension :)
  14. simplyinsanity

    Comparative study- lfr and r3

    Two main ideas is definitely enough. :)
  15. simplyinsanity

    Asap help in adv english marks

    Don't stress so much nourah! You've done really well throughout the year so it is very likely that the HSC exams will turn out fine as well. Best of luck! :)