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    What raw marks in extension 2 generally correspond to state ranks?

    There used to be a crapton of circular motion questions back in those years but now they tend to not include those type of questions anymore (or havent lately), do you think that there is a chance that they might bring it back for old time sake this year?
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    USYD vs ACU physiotherapy

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    HSC 2018-2019 MX2 Marathon

    If 10 coins are tossed 50 times, in how many cases would we expect the number of heads to exceed the number of tails?
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    HSC 2018-2019 MX2 Marathon

    What are some hard past papers?
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    HSC 2018-2019 MX2 Integration Marathon

    Where are you pulling these questions from?
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    Reasons for using intermediaries in distribution

    I laughed when someone in my class today read it as inter-me-diaries(like the diary).
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    Complex numbers HELPP pLEASE

    \left|z+4\right|+2\left|z-3\right|=15 can someone solve this for me please
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    Related texts to 1984??

    would a propaganda speech by joseph goebbels be a good related text for 1984?
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    Biology and Physics Help!

    I got the same thing for physics and I too was not sure how to prepare but our teacher gave us some revision questions/things to revise. 1. Resolution of vectors into vertical and horizontal components 2. Drawing a graph and analysing trends 3. Why do objects in circular motion experience...
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    Complex help please

    I copy pasted the question and put it into google with the smallest hope that i will find the answer, and by some small miracle we were both looking for the solution to the exact same question, so thank you
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    your mother was square-root of -1 last night

    your mother was square-root of -1 last night
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    You are trash at 4 unit

    You are trash at 4 unit
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    Carrotsticks' Extension 2 HSC 2018 Solutions + Memes

    Can you name some of these olympiad textbooks/maths puzzle textbooks, i cant seem to find the right ones
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    Golf is a sport played by gentlemen, not for the likes of you lad, now run along.

    Golf is a sport played by gentlemen, not for the likes of you lad, now run along.
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    Hello neighbour

    Hello neighbour
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    MX2 Exam Thoughts

    Thank you very much, you are way too kind
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    MX2 Exam Thoughts

    This is not related to the exam but I was wondering which extension 2 maths textbook I should buy for next year. Any recommendations?