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  1. MrTammoth


    So i'm gonna transfer to unsw lol. I'm still wondering if i'm able to transfer to unsw with a failed unit but it says in the requirements that you only need 3/4 of the whole year. Meaning you just need 6 units to get you to transfer. Let me break it down for y'all Semester 1 HD D C P...
  2. MrTammoth

    Apple Interview

    anyone had interviews at apple? need your experience pls ty
  3. MrTammoth

    What Ambiguities could arise from Euthanasia?

    Do you think Euthanasia is wrong?
  4. MrTammoth

    Recommend ISYS100 as a planet unit guys!

    Best lecturer - very engaging and young. He relates his lectures like the tv series "how to get away with murder"
  5. MrTammoth

    Has anyone done Doctor of Physio?

    Gonna do this cause usyd is too hard to get in nows. I have done some research as this program was introduced in 2012 (correct me if i am wrong pls) and it recruits 60 people lol. High competitive? Only need a gpa above 2.5 is that hard lols?
  6. MrTammoth

    What's the easiest People unit?

    I'm sick of this people and planet crap, making me cray.
  7. MrTammoth

    B. Human Science at MQ -> B. Health Science USYD?

    Hi this is for a friend. She wants to do occupational therapy but didn't get the offer. Can she use Bach human science to transfer into health science at usyd then do masters for occ?
  8. MrTammoth

    Hi i'm unfortunately getting 4 wisdom teeth out this friday and also getting braces j

    ust before uni. i'm going to look so ugly and noone will become my friend. How do i make friends without looking like a faggot?
  9. MrTammoth

    When is deadline to accept offer?

  10. MrTammoth

    Help pls!!!

    So i received an offer but i really want to do something else. Can i accept and enrol the offer and still wait for feb rounds?
  11. MrTammoth

    Does anyone have skeleton watches?

    I'm planning to buy one but i'm not sure which one. Rougois Mechanique Skeleton Watch RMS33S ^looks beautiful <3 but i'm not sure if it's bit too expensive. i'm looking for a model which the whole face is like skeleton.
  12. MrTammoth

    I'm applying for a job at HYPE! Quick Q pls

    They said on my covering letter i need to include why i like shoes. i'm not sure how to answer that can someone please help me lol.... cheers bae <3.
  13. MrTammoth

    lel i feel like it's holiday mode after english.

    i'm already on holiday mode lmao.
  14. MrTammoth

    I'm stressed as fuck!

    Fucking hospitality shit fucking subject. Fucking bad subject in the whole world. Fucking english and hospitality on the same day is like some virgin kid getting fucked in the ass for the very first time. Fucking can't believe this shit. Why the fuck is hospitality 100%. I am utterly...
  15. MrTammoth

    Belated HSC JOURNAL: Mrtammoth

    pray LoL eat food gain 5 kg went to skool came home didn't study compensate by roaming on bos made journal
  16. MrTammoth

    How to cure sleeping pattern?

    I sleep at 3:00 everyday lmao. I tried sleeping at 11:30 last night. But couldn't sleep and checked the cock and it was 1:30 pm.
  17. MrTammoth

    Anyone who is really stressed or pressure.

    http://www.mamamia.com.au/social/year-12-exams-flashback-failure-freedom/ Famous people who did HSC and they say chill gg and #thereslifeafter. "atar does not define who you are" second chick looks cute. kthxbai
  18. MrTammoth

    Anyone just starting to memorise their english essays?

    Lol just started today took 15 mins to memorise creative then i took the day off playing LoL.
  19. MrTammoth

    What happens if i under perform in these externals?

    i'm sah scared. haven't studied. still haven't opened a book.