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    UNSW Semester 1 2012 marks

    Who's ready? what's everyone hoping for this sem? I'm hoping to just pass a couple of subs, they were too hard, argh, hopefully get some credible marks on others.
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    Group interview tips?

    Anyone give me some advice for a group interview? I have one on Thursday.
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    Double degree advice.

    Sup d00dz, and d00detz, I'm doing Commerce, and I'm majoring in Actuarial studies. I wonna do a double degree with it, but not sure what I should pick up as the second degree... I have it down to; Science, and do a major in maths or stats. Computer science. Economics, and do...
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    Before you ask for an ATAR estimate...

    Put your schools rank. HSC 2010: Here! HSC 2012 (Top 100): Here! Put all your subjects (with full name) - don't just say English include what level (i.e. English (Advanced) or English (Standard) etc). Put your rank, but make sure you have how many students are doing the subject too. (i.e...
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    When are we supposed to pay our tuition fees by? When's the last day we can do it, so that I don't get kicked out?
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    New posts link gone.

    When will she be back?
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    Registering for Stuff in O week

    So I haven't actually registered for anything in O week. Does it matter? Do they check names at the door or something? Or can I just walk in. Cos a lot of the business ones said something about registering.
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    So I've always wanted to get into some decent photography. I'm a complete noob on the technical side of it. What's a decent starting camera?
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    Is there any 4unit in this subject? I'm bored, and I can revise/learn the shit if there is.
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    Subject help...

    I'm enrolling in Bachelor of Commerce @ UNSW. Do we pick 4 subjects for semester 1? I want to do actuarial studies, so we replace the business stats subjects with maths1151 right? I should be enrolling in ECON1101, ACCT1501, MGMT1001 and MATH1151 yeh? Is that the right thing to...
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    Anyone who's studying these, where abouts do you plan to work, or like what kind of proffesions can you enter with a mechanical or mechatronic engineering degree? I'm a little unsure as to where I could work if I do mech engineering.
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    Songs that send shivers down your spine?

    What songs do this to you everytime you listen to them. For me: YouTube - Infusion - Try It On (Radio Edit) YouTube - In For The Kill (High Contrast Re-Edit) YouTube - Rock Bottom - Caspa and Rusko
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    Misadventure appeal

    When do we apply for misadventure, and who do we apply too?
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    I was thinking, there's extension math, english, history and music, why not science? I think there should be an extension science course. We should start a petition.
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    Projectile motion

    A ball is launched from an angle of 45degrees. it travels for 2sec, for 22m. whats the initial horizontal and intitial veritcal velocity?
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    GeoGebra - Download Some of you will probably already have this, but some won't. My math's teacher was using it to teach us vectors on thursday, and it seemed to work pretty well. It's just a graphing program, like graphmatica, but it graphs complex numbers, and it's free :D I just downloaded...
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    Should I...

    bother changing schools? i go to a school ranked like 260-280th, and i got into a school ranked like 50th. its smiths hill, and it seems pretty good. Does going to a selective school generally mean you'll get higher marks, in terms of ATAR? like im at the top of my year at my current school, and...
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    I have an interview with the principle of Smith's Hill tomorrow... I've never really been in an interview like scenario before. Any do's and don'ts?
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    Year 12 Selective High Schools...

    Hey, I've managed to fluke my way into a test for admission into a selective high school for year 12. It says there will be a Literacy, Numeracy and general ability test. I'm shitting myself cos I'm not sure what will be in the test. Does anyone know if the maths bit's are preliminary maths, or...
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    Can I...

    I know this is a little late, but, would I have been able to use electronic computer music and my instrument??? Because I make this kind of stuff on my computer at home, and it would have been cool to do it for my HSC. Lame I know but still... :)