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  1. b00m

    ECON2102/ MACRO2 Past exams?

    Hey guyths, so the exam for macro 2 is a week away and im struggling as all fuq to catch up. Anyone have past exams i could please get a copy of? Or know anywhere i can get them? (library catalogue has nothing) many thanks :( (pls pls pls )
  2. b00m

    Semester 1 UNSW Chatter Thread

    Welcome back to the continuing unswers, and a special greeting to the new faces. For those who don't know this thread serves as a general discussion thread for UNSW students. Please keep all the miscellaneous and off-topic conversation here as well as comments/queries/observations that don't...
  3. b00m

    Animal Stak

    ok so i hear this thing is the closest thing to roids. Who's on it? any good?
  4. b00m

    Tutorials this week?

    Okies, so ive got 2 tutorials im going to miss out on good friday (public holiday). How do i found out what times/classes other tutorials are so i can join in on tuesdays etc I've searched blackboard and the course outlines and there is little indication thus far. cheers
  5. b00m

    atar estimate plz?

    k, just wanted to sneak one before i head off to bed School rank: 180 (as of 2009) Legal Studies: 2nd/11 Maths Adv: 2nd/56 Maths ext1: 2nd/20 Economics: 4th/38 English Adv: 4th/45 SOR(1u): 7th/100 cheers
  6. b00m

    2010 budget

    People.. let us combine our resources into one massive compilation. Someone start off :mad1:
  7. b00m

    72-year-old pregnant to her grandson

    Telstra BigPond News and Weather
  8. b00m

    Man 'hasn't eaten, drunk in 70 years'

    Man lies 'hasn't eaten, drunk in 70 years' Scientists are studying an 82-year-old Indian man who claims he has not eaten any food or drink for 70 years. Prahlad Jani says he survives on "spiritual life force" provided by a goddess who pours an "elixir" through a hole in his palate, the...
  9. b00m

    Another ATAR guesstimate thread.Another ATAR guesstimate thread

    Another ATAR guesstimate thread. b00m has already entered his marks into various ATAR calculators, but has as times been either too optimistic, too pessimistic or just plain dumb. b00m would now like the opinions of his fellow BoS peers for a more accurate prediction... School rank: 180~ in...
  10. b00m

    Earliest memories

    Share them please? :confused: ----- I remember running away from my grandmum at an early age when she tried to get into the same bed as me.. didn't know who she was :haha:
  11. b00m

    Brit woman wakes up with Chinese Accent

    A British woman has woken up speaking with a Chinese accent after reportedly suffering brain damage brought on by a severe migraine. Sarah Colwill, 35, has carried an English West Country accent her entire life but now sounds like she hails from the far east, British newspapers report...
  12. b00m

    Log question

    This question appeared in my 2 unit half-yearly.. and has since left me with a bit of a conundrum. Typed it up in paint: After applying your log laws and solving with algebra, your answers are x=5 and x=-1 but in this case, is the answer " x= -1" invalid? If you test both answers, x=5 works...
  13. b00m

    Uploading Resources

    I'm extremely thankful for the useful resources that others have generously uploaded.. so i decided to upload some of my own Year 11 Prelim course work Did that around last week, however, i just noticed that they haven't been uploaded successfully? or they've been rejected? Or is it because...