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  1. Bobness

    BAULKO/JRAHS Specialist English Teacher (HSC 96, UNSW English WAM ~90 HD)

    Hi James: I won’t try to respond to your entire post here because I am firstly overseas in Polynesia (the internet is a bit unstable here and costs a fortune!) and secondly I don’t think you understood completely the premise of my earlier reply. I will try to PM you a more detailed response...
  2. Bobness


    Carlingford High and St John's Park High School advanced students are presently studying Shakespeare's Hamlet. Assessments start next week. Brilliant text.
  3. Bobness

    The s2 2008 Uni Results thread

    From the s1 thread, where UNSW did not email our results until 4am (for me at least) on the friday. Hopefully they may email it by next thursday evening as they have done in the past. Results should arrive in your unimail by 9am Friday 28th of November according to the website...
  4. Bobness

    Who Hates Belonging?

    No there are no subsets. It is a general concept of 'belonging' for the 2009-2012 students. However, there are many associated terms such as identity, relationships, alienation et al that journeys did not have. If you recall, you would only have had to use synonyms ie physical travels...
  5. Bobness

    Supplementary Texts - Belonging

    Re: Supplementary Texts I cannot comment for individual schools, but in the HSC or independent/cssa trials: NO. 100% certain, they have never asked for this in the past. (And if they consider it later, then i and most likely your teachers as well, will hear about it and will pass this onto you...
  6. Bobness

    Private Tutoring for 4u/3u/2u Mathematics, Sciences - Hurstville region

    Highly recommended :) If this is the same Jamie who was in Mehera's monday-thurs law lectures last semester :D
  7. Bobness

    Barack Obama - 44th President of the USA

    I like you Iron, but come on read the comments. Many intelligent dissections of why Hillary would have done just as well as Obama (but maybe not blown apart McCain, to a higher extent). And then there's the counter-arguments to that. Can't we all just get along :(
  8. Bobness

    BAULKO/JRAHS Specialist English Teacher (HSC 96, UNSW English WAM ~90 HD)

    Dear Enobarbus, Thank you for your compliments. To address the second point of your post, I would like to take a step back and respectfully call into question your (juvenile) fixation upon ‘transparency’ that you have spoken at length in the past. While it is generally an honourable...
  9. Bobness

    general UNSW chit-chat

    Re: 回复: Re: 回复: general UNSW chit-chat 10th hey? I should be done when Obama is the victor. Please don't hurt him KKK :( And that's pretty good of you, i think i'll do that too now. Well not FB but bee oh ess and youtube :(:(
  10. Bobness

    Will everyone meet their special someone?

    Met her already.
  11. Bobness


    Your second comment sounds about right. Orlando's fascination with writing is quite fitting in terms of his/her discovery of a holistic identity: it is through the process of writing that we construct our self and subjectivity. You could even bring in Barthes' notion of the 'Death of the...
  12. Bobness


    The poetry is a self-reflexive critique of the process of writing that is not always accessible for female artists (for eg Woolf herself). That would be a Modernist concern though, would need to tweak the ideas around to fit it into Postmodernism. Possible mise en abyme?
  13. Bobness

    Thoughts on Frankenstein/Bladerunner

    If you sincerely believe either Frankenstein or Bladerunner is a fantasy novel (/text) then you may as well classify Harry Potter as dystopian (because y'know there are Death Eaters!!). Just being helpful ie don't say 'fantasy' but rather Gothic sublime or film noir when describing the genre/s.
  14. Bobness

    How's ENGL1009?

    Oh moofin (I remember you as the character who recognised my textual analysis in the Leunig thread :o) I will get back to posting my response to your question after I finish my final major paper. Pre-honours courses are very time-consuming (but well worth it :o) - also I might be looking at...
  15. Bobness

    BAULKO/JRAHS Specialist English Teacher (HSC 96, UNSW English WAM ~90 HD)

    Thank you for the kind words x.Exhaust.x but I should add 'embarrassing' has two 's's and 'elevating' should actually be 'elevated'; though your satirical impetus to initiate your prose was nicely controlled and understated. Remember the techniques you have since learnt :o Also I have updated...
  16. Bobness

    new english syllabus.. textbooks?

    That is, actually, really good advice. At least for in-school assessments :) Study guides would help, but not a great deal in my view. External exams are a whole new issue because for that, reusing what your teachers say may be dangerous (esp. if more than one other person in your school...
  17. Bobness

    Songs about Belonging?

    We Belong Together - Mariah Carey. Really though, don't do it. Generally songs aren't the strongest related texts one could have, but if it is something that you enjoy and believe you can extract the highest meaning from, then it's worth a try. And only you will know what song you will...
  18. Bobness

    New english syllabus for 2009 hsc (New AOS - Belonging)

    You can read the definition of a member from the ETA (English Teacher's association) here http://community.boredofstudies.org/showthread.php?t=186384. Also, i thought this thread was locked? Probably should post any further enquiries in the new sub-forum for english :)
  19. Bobness

    Semester 2 Chatter Thread (2008)

    Re: Semester 2 Chatter Thread Happy 22nd Stas.
  20. Bobness

    UNSW or USYD

    Jeff (sarevok) IIRC, did not really like it all that much, as he wanted/s to do more specific history studies later on after he graduated. Just a stepping stone to do Commerce / Law (i have two friends in that same boat at present over at USYD). Only awesome characters like stas, are able to...