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    Is it really required to have done Music 2 or Grade 6 music theory?

    You won't be able to get into music performance at USYD with grade 7 practical. Even if you do, you'll probably just fail with no knowledge of theory (mostly harmony and voice-leading is what you'll be lacking- I guess you'll at least know key signatures and stuff). You probably could get into...
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    UNSW Classical music

    Closest thing to it is MuSoc, but it's just music in general and not really classical (they have Open mic nights, maybe a social here and there). SOAP is classical, but it's pretty much just for the orchestra players and wind band, and they have twice yearly concerts. But yeah I guess nothing...
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    You can't do both MATH1141 and MATH1131 lel You need to do MATH1141 (cause ADV maths), MATH1081, SCIF1121 (required). For the last course you could either do something that pertains to the degree (like PHYS, COMP1911/17) or something fun.
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    UNSW Chit Chat Thread 2014

    You should be ok with it going by exam marks. It's not a huge leap and most of the course is the same. Since you're doing optom in terms of your degree, there's no point, apart from wanting a higher mark at the end.
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    Bachelor of Music at UNSW or ANU?

    Agree, perhaps the biggest difference between ANU/UNSW is not the faculty itself but the location and accommodation and money an stuff. I assume you live in Sydney, so if you'd like college life and moving out then that would be a bigger factor. Off the top of my head, there's quite a few...
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    Bachelor of Music at UNSW or ANU?

    Don't know anything about the music program at ANU. UNSW music is shaping up to be a viable alternative to the Con (in my opinion), they restructured the whole thing this year. Relative to the Con, it is theoretically easier and in less depth, but it's nice. There's no competition, nothing to...
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    1st year of uni over!! plans for holidays???

    obv go on bos and post more, or go get a job YES, READING IS UNDERRATED
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    Worried about uni hours if doing a science course?

    My bad, nooblet's right. But don't let that stop you doing what you enjoy doing!
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    Worried about uni hours if doing a science course?

    Yes, all the science courses are the most time-intensive. It's pretty much a maximum of 24 hours/week in class (someone's been lying to you)- 6 hours/week max for each 6 unit/credit point course. And you do 24 units/credit points per semester. This is for both USYD and UNSW. I guess if you...
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    How 'surprised' are people who top the State?

    This exactly. Truthfully, sometimes you "know" that you've done well, and that you have a chance of topping the state after you've done the HSC exam (if, say, you're 1st at school).
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    Uni Course for a Career in Music Production

    UNSW has a Sonic Arts major in the bachelor of music (idk if good)
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    HSC 2013 MX2 Marathon (archive)

    Re: HSC 2013 4U Marathon We can consider part (a) as a random walk on the number line from 0 to 20, starting at 10, with probability 18/37 of moving to the right by one, and 19/37 to the left. Let p(x) be the probability that the walker will reach 20 before reaching 0, when he is at x...
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    Conics - Rectangular Hyperbola

    Take a random point (x1, y1) on the hyperbola, and multiply it by (cis 45) to rotate it anticlockwise. So something like (x1 + iy1)(cis45). Then solve the locus when you get your new x and y-coordinates.
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    Semester Fee

    When you applied for HECS HELP there also should have been another section/option for SA-HELP which is the same as HECS but for the services and amenities fee. I remember seeing it. But then $136 is pretty tiny compared to the uni fees anyway so you won't save much money between paying it off...
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    thoughts/feelings for tomorrow??

    yep definitely keen, looking forward to doing nothing at home econ1101 ftw
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    Roots and coefficients of polynomials

    This polynomial has a double root and one other. x^3 + mx^2 + 15x - 7 = (x-a)^2 (x-b) = (x^2-2ax+a^2)(x-b) Now comparing coefficients. b+2a=m a^2 + 2ab = 15 (a^2)b= -7 Solving the last two, you'll get a=-1 b=-7 in about 3 lines of working (it's just algebra)...
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    Well, a cubic has either 1 or 3 real roots. If it has one, it's obviously distinct. If it has three, you could find stationary points and show that either: one is above the x-axis, one is below (3 distinct roots), or that there is a stationary point on the x-axis (a double root). I don't think...
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    Favourite chopin mazurka?

    Although I have better stuff to listen to, Chopin's Mazurkas are all so delightful to play when you sit down at the piano... my favourites have mostly all been posted already. They're quite intriguing since they were like little experiments, and there are moments where you think 'wow that sounds...