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Search results

  1. Undermyskin

    Need a room

    My friend, an overseas student from Vietnam, is coming here at the beginning of June. She asks me if I can find her a room in CANBERRA. Since I'm living in Syd, she wants me to travel down there to find a room which she can share with someone else. It's obviously hard because I've just been...
  2. Undermyskin

    Buffer buffetting

    It is said that buffer solution works best within a narrow range of pH. What does it mean by this optimal range? Does it mean that to reach this ideal pH, we are supposed to add the amount of one major component more than the other. For example, NH3 more than NH4Cl to reach a certain basic pH...
  3. Undermyskin

    Cinema Paradiso

    I'm watching the movie but don't have the disc. Where can I download this film for free? I have a homework due next Mon but we didn't have enough time to watch the whole 'awesome' text this morning.
  4. Undermyskin


    I'm looking for info about PHBV poly(hydrobutyrate-velarate) or st with similar spellings. I really need its medical applications with thorough details, especially about the medical or/and surgical coatings. Other applications should be helpful. Thanks
  5. Undermyskin

    Which courses and Unis do you prefer?

    :) Hi, This can be the place to share shootmarks for the future and quite soon ahead: Uni. I don't know much about the courses that can satisfy my needs and wants so I stick to some common choices. It'd be good if you can share a bit with us as we all can 'identify our enemies' (just kidding)...
  6. Undermyskin


    Any idea about UMAT besides structure, types of questions, marks associated with UAI to have an interview? Esp sites to get practice papers! Does the State library have anything for UMAT?