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  1. M

    mindblank 3.0

    did like tons of these types of questions earlier in hols but lowkey tired rn so like im not understanding how to approach this q. i believe we find the diluted conc then use ka and ice table but not hundred percent sure. if someone could assist gr8ly appreciated, @aryaadami ur presense is...
  2. M

    can someone asap ccheck my working out for this q and tell where i went wrong

    working out attached below:
  3. M

    q on amphiprotic substances and writing eqs to show

    hi if someone could explain what reagents to use when proving / showing a substance is amphiprotic. is hydronium ions to prove its basic, and hydroxide to prove its acidic good?
  4. M

    urgent need help with the q attached below.

    any help in this q is appreciated
  5. M

    idk wut i should name this thread

    im lowkey bored rn and tired and saw someone ages ago how they were progressing in their bio content so thought id do it as well but on a more wholistic level. so heres what i did / doing: 1. completed up a few exercises from vectors fitzpatric 2. 6hours at tuition phys chem 3. 4 hours of...
  6. M

    writing creatives

    hey there, i feel with regards to english i struggle to an extent in writing creative pieces, any suggestions on how i could potentially improve are all welcomed.
  7. M

    Productivity - Can u guys give feedback on this

    sup guys, just wanted some feedback on how i manage my time / days, cuz i seem to be only completing like 60-70% of my set tasks and this is getting extremely annoying, like i want some feedback on whether im just trying to do much or im genuinely just not managing time effectively. ill have...
  8. M

    asap need help with this projectile q

    im getting answer as 1.16 but with some eq which i dont know a lot bout. like i researched and found this hang time equation: t = 2vsintheta / g and like others have also utilised this formula in their explanation but idk if it is correct. also if someone could tell me how this is derived and...
  9. M

    Mindblank on this induction q

    part a idk i just cant seem to figure it out any guidance is appreciated
  10. M

    How to remain focused

    was reflecting on what i did today and kinda realised that out of 9hrs of work only like 3 was productive, any advice tips suggestion on how to avoid this. @jimmysmith560 you got anything to help me improve.