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  1. Jolteon

    UNSW Vis Sci/Optom or USYD Physio?

    I luv cumbo campus :( It's more tight-knit and less walking time
  2. Jolteon

    atar calculators

    The estimate your school gives you should be the most accurate but I remember being on HSCninja after every exam block and I think it was the most accurate.
  3. Jolteon

    Advice on "Memorising" Content

    Yup! I used to answer my questions with my notes right next to me so I am writing the perfect/correct answer and then since I've written it out, I find it much easier to commit to memory. Once I do that, I look at the answers to see what I'm missing and then add any additional useful information...
  4. Jolteon

    Advice on "Memorising" Content

    For English - I used to read out my written essays out loud and repeat after each sentence since I'm an auditory learner For heavy content subjects - Since I'm more of a practical person, I prefer doing more practice questions and reviewing the answers and naturally, the more questions I do, the...
  5. Jolteon


    Tbh depends what you're studying - I'm in health and they prioritise your practical experience over your WAM/GPA and usually clinical internships/placements are integrated within the degree. However, I know for certain degrees in STEM or commerce, WAM/GPA is taken into account when you are...
  6. Jolteon

    Oral Health or Health Science At USYD?

    Hi! I actually have a few friends in both USYD Health Sciences and a few friends enrolled in dentistry courses around the country so I hope my response helps with your final decision :) 1. USYD Oral health & USYD Health science degrees are very very vague degrees that I believe are targeted...
  7. Jolteon

    Best Uni for Nursing

    Hi! I actually have friends in both USYD nursing and UTS nursing and without a doubt, it's UTS. This is recognised by both the students there and those in the nursing field in general. UTS nursing offers clinical placements for first year students and overall, prepares students for the work...
  8. Jolteon

    Cramming before Trials Advice

    In my opinion, 4 weeks is still plenty of time as long as you set clear and achievable goals. Instead of spending 2 weeks making your notes from scratch, imo you should just borrow a friend's notes and learn it and do past papers using those notes. For business and bio, you should try doing 6-7...
  9. Jolteon

    Do people buy textbooks?

    Hi there! I'm a 2018 graduate and I'm planning to sell my textbooks. However, I do know that the HSC syllabus has changed so I'm wondering do students still purchase second-hand textbooks from the year/grade above or do they just cop and purchase the new textbooks for the new syllabus? Thank you!
  10. Jolteon

    lost in choosing a degree

    I don't know where you got that information but majority of the CS graduates I know are employed with a decent-high starting salary. There are people I know who aren't even remotely interested in programming but force themselves to enroll in a CS degree at UNSW just for the salary alone. There...
  11. Jolteon

    At this point in the year...

    13 days is still quite a bit of time for you to complete as many past papers as possible. I believe at this point, you should probably stop memorising your notes and start applying them to past papers since the HSC isn't simply regurgitation of your notes. Every time you mark a paper, find out...
  12. Jolteon

    Move schools?

    Like everyone is saying, you can easily do well at your own school so as long as you maintain a decent rank (top 3 preferably) IMO, the main difference between selective and an average comprehensive school is the environment - selective schools tend to have a more competitive environment that...
  13. Jolteon

    Do employers still accept resumes?

    I think it's possible that they did bin your resume but you should keep trying nonetheless - I think handing it in person shows alot more commitment but ofc you can also apply online too. I don't work there but I do have a have that used to work there :))
  14. Jolteon

    Do employers still accept resumes?

    Usually depends on the turnover rate - there are periods of times where they just don't need employees since none of the current employees are leaving. It also depends on your availabilities - uni students (the ones who tend to work there) have more availabilities and unless you can match that...
  15. Jolteon

    Rose Bay Secondary College vs Fort Street High School

    I'm not too sure what year you're in but you mentioned you're top 3 for all your subjects. If you continue to maintain top 3 in Y12, I'm almost certain you're doing better than an average top tier selective school student and you'll probably get a very good ATAR. In any case, once you enter...
  16. Jolteon

    Small Advice for HSC students!

    Hi guys! With the HSC coming up, I thought I might just make a thread for the little things and uncertainties that students tend to think about. These are just personal experiences that I thought I might share and please feel free to add to it! :) Study technique: There are countless study...
  17. Jolteon

    dropping from advanced to standard maths

    Personally, putting aside scaling, if you enjoy adv maths I think you should keep it since the syllabus for standard maths is a little different. If you are also unsure of what course you wish to study at uni, adv maths is a safer choice since there are pre reqs for certain degrees (or at least...
  18. Jolteon

    wsu or acu physiotherapy?

    WSU has a renowned physio course - sometimes even said to be better than USYD's since it is a lot closer to a hospital as well. If you are able to enter into WSU's physio course, I would highly recommend that over ACU's. Best of luck and congratulations if you have already received offers for...
  19. Jolteon

    stationery list for next year

    If you buy Pilot Juice 0.5 black, writing will never be the same. It is honestly one of the best pens I have ever purchased. The ink is smoother than a baby's but and it doesn't smudge at all. Even my left handed friend recommends it so you know this is a w e a p o n Forget the gripless muji...
  20. Jolteon

    Rose Bay Secondary College vs Fort Street High School

    Hi! I actually attended RBSC during my junior years of high school before switching to a full but lower tier selective school for my senior years. What I can say for sure is that the environment in a full selective high school is a lot more competitive and studious in general. This is more...