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  1. Jolteon

    Do people buy textbooks?

    Hi there! I'm a 2018 graduate and I'm planning to sell my textbooks. However, I do know that the HSC syllabus has changed so I'm wondering do students still purchase second-hand textbooks from the year/grade above or do they just cop and purchase the new textbooks for the new syllabus? Thank you!
  2. Jolteon

    Small Advice for HSC students!

    Hi guys! With the HSC coming up, I thought I might just make a thread for the little things and uncertainties that students tend to think about. These are just personal experiences that I thought I might share and please feel free to add to it! :) Study technique: There are countless study...
  3. Jolteon

    Finding my Superannuation

    Hi guys! I'm in my first year of uni this year and I would like to keep all my Superannuation from my work all in one account. I did some research on it and apparently I should have a super account from my first job that required a TFN. If that is the case, how and where will i find that...
  4. Jolteon

    Bus from USYD to UNSW

    Hey guys! Is there a bus from USYD that goes straight to UNSW without having to take a bus to central and then another bus to UNSW? Thanks in advance!
  5. Jolteon

    Studying a language

    Hi guys! Just wondering if it's possible to continue studying a language in uni even though it has no correlation with my course at all - just a side interest. Thanks! This is at USYD btw.
  6. Jolteon

    Stressed - haven't done much

    I graduated yesterday and it had only just hit me that there's barely anytime before HSC. How many past papers have you guys done or just anything in general? I've done barely anything and I have just refined my essays (haven't practiced with any questions) and it's starting to stress me...
  7. Jolteon

    Having a language on Resume

    Hi guys! Just wondering, do applicants with multiple languages (with credentials such as JLPT) listed on their resumes have a higher employment opportunity? My friend plans to sit the JLPT this year and wondering if it has any benefits for resumes and employment. Thankyou
  8. Jolteon

    Sydney Scholars Award

    Hey guys! Is anyone here applying for the Sydney Scholars award and for those who have applied/received the award, how competitive and difficult is the selection process? According to the page, the character limit for the 6 questions are 1000 - but how long are responses meant to be or usually...
  9. Jolteon

    How to get Scholarships

    Hi guys! What should students include in a 'personal statement' for Uni scholarships? Also, (this one is for a friend), if you are unsure about a course, are you able to still apply for a scholarship for that degree? Basically, are they able to apply for scholarships for multiple degrees...
  10. Jolteon

    State Ranking English

    Hi guys! Just wondering how difficult it is to State rank English Advanced and what it takes. Do you have to be Rank 1 in your own school to qualify?
  11. Jolteon

    HSC Oral Exams

    Hey guys! HSC Speaking Orals are happening in a few months so good luck all! What are some good ways to improve speaking and how are you guys all practicing/revising before HSC? Thanks!
  12. Jolteon

    How much do people earn?

    Just a thought but what is the average salary/income in Sydney? Just read a thread on Reddit about 'being poor' and wondering what degrees have wider employment opportunities in the future. Thanks!
  13. Jolteon

    Always napping help

    Hi, Since Easter holidays ended, I've been napping for 2 hours most days after school from 5-7pm and sometimes I don't wake up at all - not until 6:30am when I have to get up for school. This is starting to have a big impact on me since I can't stay awake during those times and I've tried...
  14. Jolteon

    State ranking English

    Do Advanced English state rankers basically lose no marks in Internals? A good friend of mine has a lot of potential but lost quite a few marks in Assessment Task 1 and wonders if she can recover from it, seeing how she did extremely well in Half Yearlies. Thankyou!
  15. Jolteon

    MX1 and EX1 Scaling

    Hi, I take both Maths Extension 1 and English Extension 1 but I am doing poorly (below average) in MX1 so I'm planning to drop it. However, I am also only receiving average for EX1. I told my mate about this and they said that the high scaling for MX1 will balance things out. Although I am...
  16. Jolteon

    Poems for Discovery

    Hi! Does anyone have any recommendations for any long, meaty discovery poems? Thank you!
  17. Jolteon

    Part time jobs after HS

    Hey! Just a general question, but what are some popular part time jobs that Uni students tend to have? Or like a specific area such as retail/hospitality. Also, I'm a Y12 thinking of doing some volunteering on the weekends or after school (to take my mind off studying 24/7) what are some...
  18. Jolteon

    Possible to get Band6?

    Is it still possible to get a low band 6 for 2u Maths if I got 84% for both AT1 and Half Yearlies Weightings: AT1: 15% AT2: 30% AT3: 15% Trials: 40% What is the minimum I have to score for both AT3 and Trials to secure a low B6 for 2uMAths?
  19. Jolteon

    Bombing Half Yearlies

    Hi, so it turns out I didn't do well for my Half Yearlies at all. At all. Is it still possible to do well for HSC? Like getting over 96 ATAR? I have only one subject that should be able to carry my overall ATAR but the rest are looking very grim (Especially 2u/3u maths) Thank you :(