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Search results

  1. K

    Q2 - who didn't relate to Q1?

    ME!!!!! freaking i'm so so so so annoyed now... the question is not a hard one, just need to write a letter! I swear if the question specifically stated that "REFER to QUESTION 1" instead of the blunt {Text 1} {Text 2} i would have answer the question well!!! If they deduct lots of mark...
  2. K

    Genetic: The Code broken anyone??

    Hi is there anyone doing the option Genetic: The Code Broken as well?? I got some problem with the genes that code for the foetal development (the order, position etc)...
  3. K


    omg can someone explain how transistor works to me? especially on how it actually amplify singals...farout all the textbook stuff is confusing me! THANKS~~
  4. K

    Vote your subjects!

    What science subjects are you doing? Just wanna find out if I'm like the only crazy guy doing all 3 sciences :D