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  1. H

    Exchange of Witness Statements

    Does anyone know if a Qld Magistrate's Court is empowered to order one party to proceedings to exchange with the opposing party, their witness statements? In other words, if one party requests from their opposing party a copy of the former's witness statements, can that party refuse?
  2. H

    Awards Presentation Ceremony

    I got a letter in the mail the other day saying I've won two 'prizes', which will be awarded at the College of Business Awards Presentation Ceremony. Does anyone know what kind of prizes we get? One of them is sponsored by LexisNexis, so I'm assuming it will be a book voucher? The other is...
  3. H

    Quitting junior lawyers find a voice

    Quitting junior lawyers find a voice By Kate Gibbs UNABLE TO speak honestly to their colleagues in law firms, a small group of junior lawyers has started a legal blog that they hope will encourage suffering young things in other firms to seek help and support. The anonymous group of...
  4. H

    Parra Campus: Microwave

    Where the fuck is the microwave!?!?!?! I'm only at Parra for one class this semester and was horrified to learn that the microwave is not longer in the caf. To make things worse, no1 can heat my food because it's contrary to some hygiene shit. I was told to try the Student Association...
  5. H

    Student Mentor

    I received a letter informing me that I am eligible to be trained as a student mentor in Torts. For those who have been a student mentor, would you recommend it? Was it worthwhile? Diffcult? etc. I will most probably sign up, but just thought I'd get some feedback from those who've done it...
  6. H

    Parking Permit

    When you purchase a parking permit, does it expire 12 months from purchase date or end of the year? I'm assuming it would be the former, but just wanted to make sure. Thanks.
  7. H

    Keep or Sell Textbooks?

    Do you sell your texts after you've finished the semester? I'm not going to sell the books that are on the topics that are of interest to me, but am considering selling those that a) I have little interest in; and b) I doubt will ever be used again. But for some reason, I'm still...
  8. H

    Seminar Guide

    In my Intro to Law Seminar Guide there are questions. Are these questions that I have to answer before the seminar; OR are these general questions that will be answered during the seminar? At first I thought it was the latter, with questions such as "What is Law?"; "What is law's function or...
  9. H

    Can I do anything?

    I went to the Tutorial Registration page today and had a look at each of my units today. When I went to registration page for my Intro to Sociology unit, I realised that the tute time I wanted to register in had been closed (I later found out that this is due to a lack of student numbers in the...
  10. H


    I am looking up the details of the texts I need (as listed on the co-op site), but will probably purchase them somewhere else. However, before I buy them from a different site, I want to make sure it is the exact same book. What is the ISBN number? If two books have the same ISBN number...
  11. H


    The Social Science orientation at Penrith goes from 10 - 12 and Law at Parra is on the same day from 12 - 1:30. Is orientation structured in a way that makes it important to be on time? Getting from the Penrith Campus to Parra Campus is going to take much longer than 0 minutes (especially using...
  12. H

    Tute after Lecture

    Would you recommend having a tutorial straight after the lecture (no break) or wait a day?
  13. H


    What happens during O-Week?
  14. H

    Teaching Periods

    I am currently on UWS' website having a look at the Criminology units. If, under "Teaching Periods" it says "Nothing on offer" does that mean that this unit cannot be studied? Thanks.
  15. H

    PIP Awards

    Has anyone received a letter to tell them they have received a Distinction or High Distinction Award for their PIP? I got a letter today letting me know that I received a Distinction - the award has been sent to the school though.
  16. H

    Here *Comes* the Judge

    Friend sent me this: "Here comes the judge" - Oklahoma judge caught masturbating during murder trial According to the complaint filed by the Oklahoma Attorney General, Judge Donald D. Thompson, 57, was caught in the act by a clerk, trial witnesses, and his longtime court reporter...
  17. H

    UTS v UWS

    As you are all aware, we just got our UAIs (I got 98.80). Since first applying for uni I have been swapping my first and second preferences and I still can't decide which uni to attend, to study law - UTS or UWS. If I provide some pros and cons of each uni (for me, personally), I was hoping...
  18. H

    Elements of a Marketing Plan: Strategies

    I just wanted to confirm something with everyone to ease my mind. When writing a a marketing plan, under the element "Develop Marketing Strategies", we discuss the 4 Ps, correct? And if this is right, do you talk about all 4, or only the ones that have specific relevance to the Objectives...
  19. H

    Highly Geared

    What percentage of debt to equity is needed for a business to be considered highly geared? In my notes I have 66% in one part, and 100% in another.
  20. H

    Case Study: Ethical and Legal Aspects

    Does anyone have a case study for this section of the Finance topic? I've got some notes on Harvey Norman, but they're shit.