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  1. flashyGoldFish


    Has anyone applied to do this unit this semester? And if you have have you heard back and been accepted/rejected?
  2. flashyGoldFish

    How have your study techniques improved at Uni?

    How have your study techniques improved at uni? Most important what are the most effective techniques you've found to study the massive workload of uni in the most time effective manner? What are your 'secrets' to increasing your knowledge retention? And anything else that relates to the...
  3. flashyGoldFish


    Interested to know how people chose their honours coordinator, how long they sought out that supervisor (did you pick last minute or did you preemptively pick subjects/ seek out that person a year in advanced?) Would this vary with the demand for that supervisor or how good their lab is?
  4. flashyGoldFish

    Whitehaven Coal

    Im so confused by those whitehaven coal signs at usyd saying campus is closed for mining. And Greenpeace facebook page actually claiming usyd was closed today. Can anyone explain whats going on?
  5. flashyGoldFish

    The HPSC2101 thread

    Seems to be a fair few of us doing it so thought why not have its own thread
  6. flashyGoldFish

    Masters in something thats not your undergrad

    Random question but I heard of someone whod done an undergraduate arts degree but was wanting to do a post graduate masters in something science related. How exactly does that work? How do people in general do a post graduate in something very different to their undergraduate? Isnt there a...
  7. flashyGoldFish

    Your budget

    Random thread about people who live out of home and what the weekly/monthly budgets are and how they divide it up.
  8. flashyGoldFish


    Anyone done this? What do they make of it?
  9. flashyGoldFish


    So lets say for example three people are doing Human Biology. Let say one does BIOL1003, another BIOL1903 and a third does the SSP. Lets say they all get a raw mark of 64. How does the scaling go from there
  10. flashyGoldFish


    Narrowed my subjects down for next semester and its down to these two as a filler. So which one? I like PHYS1500 as a filler because it looks like a filler that I might learn some good general knowledge (Ive done HPSC2100 this semester as a filler and loved learning so much general knowledge)...
  11. flashyGoldFish


    To those that have done it before, It seems a ridiculously unorganised and complex course. Theres the lectures, syllabus outcomes and HBOnline which often is talking about 3 completely different things. It seems ridiculous to expect us to know all three in depth when more than half the...
  12. flashyGoldFish


    For those that have already done this, how important are the readings? How important is tutorial stuff thats additional to lectures? What we people doing it now expect in the exam?
  13. flashyGoldFish

    Most helpful subjects to study at university for GAMSAT

    Title explains itself. Obviously a first year chemistry or physics would be helpful. What other subjects in maybe later years were helpful? Did for example Pharmacology help with chemistry or anatomy with biology etc
  14. flashyGoldFish

    Redoing a subject you have passed

    Lets say for example you get 50 for a subject buts its an important unit for subjects later on. In theory, would you be allowed to redo the subject? Or can you only redo if you get <50??
  15. flashyGoldFish


    Long story short i might need to do this as a space filler next semester. As someone who did 3 unit maths for HSC in 2012, how hard should I find this subject?
  16. flashyGoldFish

    Exam Timetables!

    Yay! :(:(
  17. flashyGoldFish

    General University Study thread

    As the title says. How do you study, what are you planning to study etc etc
  18. flashyGoldFish

    'Tougher' GCSEs and A-levels revealed- Australia take note

    All very good changes and thinks we really need to look into doing.
  19. flashyGoldFish

    Dentistry or Medicine

    If you ever were considering both what made you pick the one you went with. If you were only ever considering one why didnt you consider the other.
  20. flashyGoldFish

    Can third year subjects count for more than one major

    Basically as the title says. Like could NEUR3001 count towards a neuroscience and anatomy major?