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  1. Amleops

    Mathematics Textbook Recommendations

    So I've noticed looking around the forums there hasn't really been too much mention of good textbooks for university level mathematics and beyond. There's so many choices from all around the world on such a wide range of subjects, and deciding on books to buy have proved quite overwhelming for...
  2. Amleops

    ATAR Estimate

    This is for my brother. I gave him one myself but I've become a bit rusty with ATAR estimates, so hopefully yours are more accurate. School Rank: 240 last year, but generally around the mid 100s. Studies of Religion 1 - 240/291 English Advanced - 150/172 2U Mathematics - 37/87 Physics - 33/44...
  3. Amleops

    First Year Maths Question

    So, I'm currently studying Advanced Science at another uni, and I've applied to do a mid year transfer to USYD. I intend to do MATH1003/1903 and MATH1005/1905 next semester, while doing MATH1001 and MATH1002 at Summer School. While I can't see anywhere that MATH1001/1901 and MATH1002/1902 are...
  4. Amleops

    Transferring Credit and Further Transfers With NRSL

    Just a quick question in regards to credit transfer. So I'm intending to do a mid year transfer into USYD Science, with the hope of transferring at the end of the year to Advanced Science (I got the ATAR for it but they're not offering it as a mid year transfer), or Advanced Science and Law...
  5. Amleops

    Final Assessment Ranks - ATAR Estimate

    Got my final assessment ranks, just want to know where I'm heading for at the moment. School Rank: 120-130 <tbody> SUBJECT FINAL RANK CSSA TRIAL MARK COMMENTS English Advanced 1/155 Paper 1 41/45 Paper 2 56/60 Paper 1 was a little disappointing, but I was extremely pleased with Paper 2...
  6. Amleops

    ATAR Estimation

    This is for a friend of mine. He's aiming for around 70 I believe. School rank is 120ish. Standard English - 109/164 General Maths - 97/179 Business Studies - 23/92 Economics - 25/33 Modern History - 37/53 Studies of Religion I - 120/288 Thanks in advance.
  7. Amleops

    Advanced Science Requirements

    I was looking into doing combined Advanced Science/Law next year, with the science degree majoring in physics. I haven't done any science for the HSC however, so I intend to do bridging courses, start at the fundamentals level and work my way up. However, from what I have read it doesn't look...
  8. Amleops

    Personalities, Events & Situations

    I have an in class essay to do first day back on the Justice Game, and with the practice ones I am doing currently I’m having some issues with structure. With Module C being quite different in its focus, I have had to move away from the standard theme by theme essay which had served me well in...
  9. Amleops

    Triangles/Max-Min Question

    Consider all triangles formed by lines passing through the point (8/27, 9) and both the x and y axis. a) Show that the length of the hypotenuse (h) is h = sqrt(x^2 + (9x/(x-(8/27)))^2) b) Find the value of x that will give the shortest hypotenuse For Part a, having deduced h = sqrt(x^2 + y^2)...
  10. Amleops

    ATAR Estimate

    So I got my half yearly report back, just want to see where I am at the moment. School is ranked around 150. English Advanced (1/155) English Extension 1 (2/25) English Extension 2 (2/4) Mathematics (2/72) Mathematics Extension 1 (5/43) French Continuers (2/8) Music 2 (1/7) Studies of Religion...
  11. Amleops

    Advanced/Higher Stream Compulsory Mathematics

    I am considering doing various degrees in combination with Science or Science (Advanced Maths), majoring in Financial Mathematics. I wanted to, if I can, at least try out the higher compulsory maths stream even though I’m not doing 4U maths currently. Maths is probably my favourite subject at...
  12. Amleops

    Combinations With Bachelor Of Commerce (Liberal Studies)

    So, I am looking at doing Commerce or Commerce/Law, and I recently came across the Commerce (Liberal Studies) degree. I find it quite appealing, the only problem is it doesn't seem like you can combine it with anything, such as Law which I wanted to do eventually. Then I was reading the USYD...
  13. Amleops

    Ranks Estimate

    I’m aiming for a 99 ATAR (if it isn't too ambitious), what ranks do you think I would need in these subjects? School is ranked around 150th, numbers in brackets are the number of people doing each course. English Advanced (180) English Extension 1 (27) English Extension 2 (7) - Thinking of...
  14. Amleops

    Series Question Involving Logarithms

    If the positive numbers a, b, c are three consecutive terms in a geometric sequence, show that log(base10)a, log(base10)b, log(base10)c are three consecutive terms in an arithmetic sequence. I've fiddled around a lot and I can't seem to get anything worthwhile. Any help would be greatly...
  15. Amleops

    Time Payments Question

    An amount of $280000 is borrowed. Interest is calculated monthly at 12% pa on the balance owing. The loan is to be repaid over 25 years by equal monthly installments. If the repayment were doubled, how long would it then take to repay the loan. I got up to finding the original monthly repayment...
  16. Amleops

    USYD Economics V UNSW Economics

    So, I'm wanting to do Economics or Economics/Law at university, and due to the location and my impressions of the universities themselves I've narrowed my choices down to USYD or UNSW. From what I've heard said about these universities respective faculties, the majority seem to agree that...
  17. Amleops

    13 HSC Units = Heavy Workload?

    I'm having a bit of trouble deciding what I am going to do in terms of subjects for Year 12 next year. I am currently doing Studies of Religion 1, Advanced English, English Extension, Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1, Chemistry, French Continuers and Music 2. Next year I'm definitely...
  18. Amleops

    Possible Alternate Pathway Into Combined USYD Law

    So, I've got my heart set on doing a combined Arts/Law degree at USYD, I've looked at other universities but I feel that USYD would be the most convenient and beneficial for me. I'm a high achiever and I'm fairly confident I can get in the high 98s-low 99s ATAR range minimum (please excuse my...