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  1. Miss Sunshine


    The syllabus states: "Students learn to reflect on their own processes of learning by: -articulating and monitoring their own learning and that of others - comparing their own learning processes with those of others -writing to reflect on their own learning and that of others." who are...
  2. Miss Sunshine


    Find the area enclosed between the curve y=3/(x-2), the y-axis and the lines y=1 and y=3, using the trapezoidal rule with 4 subintervals. :confused:
  3. Miss Sunshine

    Advice and Tips for Preliminary Chemistry

    BabyBlueVamp forgot this thread and so i'm creating it- basically what is your advice to tackle the subject? Can someone please list the topics that are covered in the preliminary chemistry course? Thanks for your help :)
  4. Miss Sunshine

    HSC Success Seminar

    Has anyone been to this? Did you find it beneficial?
  5. Miss Sunshine

    Anyone going for their Learner's Licence?

    just wondering =) I will be sometime this holidays!
  6. Miss Sunshine

    Have you decided on your community service?

    what have you decided on?
  7. Miss Sunshine

    Easiest exam of the SC?

    Which exam did you find the easiest??
  8. Miss Sunshine

    Science SC question

    http://www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/schoolcertificate/sc2005/pdf_doc/science_sctest_05.pdf Having a little trouble with question 65? anyone know the answer?
  9. Miss Sunshine

    SC subjects

    Has your school finished teaching you the topics you need to know in all subjects for the school certificate? Oh btw! Have you been taught the topics of: Evolution? and Simple Machines?
  10. Miss Sunshine

    Who is doing French Extension???

    I was just wondering what determines whether you are capable of doing extension French? What do you learn about?? How is it different to the French continuers subject?? is it much harder than the French continuers subject?
  11. Miss Sunshine

    History Help!

    Is another name for the Aboriginal Protection policies Paternalism??
  12. Miss Sunshine

    Science Reactions

    Would you say the rusting of iron is a corrosion reaction???
  13. Miss Sunshine

    Science Help

    Scientists often use models such as these diagrams to describe scentific phenomena. What is one limitation of using models?