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  1. LennonTheLemon

    Anyone Selling any Cheap Physical Textbooks (Maths, Bio, Chemistry, Physics)

    yea i got excel biology if youre interested
  2. LennonTheLemon

    mindblank 3.0

    With these types of questions throw away any of your memorised approaches in easier acid-base calculations and approach it logically. If you think about the theory, when we dilute a solution of acid, it will shift right to the side with more aqueous ions in order to increase the net...
  3. LennonTheLemon

    HONOUR ROLL Out Early??

    all roudner lez go
  4. LennonTheLemon

    confused with this mod 6 chem q any help appreciated

    Here you go (check pdf file attached). You should also verify your assumption, but I wasn't bothered. edit: sodium acetate's state should be solid before dissolution
  5. LennonTheLemon

    confused with this mod 6 chem q any help appreciated

    i got you, lemme write it up
  6. LennonTheLemon

    can someone asap ccheck my working out for this q and tell where i went wrong

    You should get a different quadratic to the one you got.
  7. LennonTheLemon

    can someone asap ccheck my working out for this q and tell where i went wrong

    Um, so you forgot to square [HF]. Since you have 2 HF for every H2 or F2, you should have squared it in your Keq expression. I didn't read all your working out, but you should start by fixing that fatal error lol
  8. LennonTheLemon

    application process for university

    You apply halfway through year 12. Your school will keep you updated on application dates, but you can also find them here (you'll get a new one): https://www.uac.edu.au/assets/documents/ug-fact-sheets/ug-fact-sheet-key-dates.pdf If you want to apply to other states, their application centres...
  9. LennonTheLemon

    Year 12 Biology

    There is no evolution. I meant Darwin's Theory of Evolution by natural selection. So really it's the natural selection component that will be useful.
  10. LennonTheLemon

    Year 12 Biology

    It can not be directly tested in year 12, but here's some stuff off the top of my head I encountered again in year 12: behavioural, structural, physiological adaptations of endotherms and ectotherms (anything you memorised in y11 you should keep) all the microbiology content you learned in y11...
  11. LennonTheLemon

    Demographics of Sydney Universities/Areas

    You should be able to find what you're looking for from here, and although this is from 2019 I doubt very much has changed. https://www.universitiesaustralia.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Data-snapshot-2019-FINAL.pdf
  12. LennonTheLemon

    continuous probability q

    oh crap, yes! thx i will edit my reply
  13. LennonTheLemon

    continuous probability q

    Right. So if you remember, the formula for Variance is Var(X)=E(X^{2})-E(X)^{2}, and E(X)^{2} is just the mean squared. In part b you found that the mean is \frac{c}{2}, so the square of that is \frac{c^{2}}{4}. Now to find E(X^{2}), integrate from 0 to c of the original PDF function but...
  14. LennonTheLemon

    continuous probability q

    I think you have to justify it by thinking about how y=1/c is a horizontal line. If c=2 and you were finding the area from 0 to 2 under y=1/2, then your area would be 2/2=1 according to your E(x). Now this makes sense, as the probability from your lowest to highest bounds for a PDF should always...
  15. LennonTheLemon

    q on amphiprotic substances and writing eqs to show

    Yeah, my favourite amphiprotic substance is actually water. You can take water and put it into an acidic or basic environment. If you react to water with H3O+ which is more acidic, then water will act as a base and accept a proton from hydronium. However, this also links to the auto-ionisation...
  16. LennonTheLemon

    HSC results now releasing before the ATAR!!!

    kidshelpline call centres finna be wilding on 20th
  17. LennonTheLemon

    urgent need help with the q attached below.

    On the top line of your Ka2 expression you made a mistake and wrote 0.75x instead of 0.075x, so maybe just restart on a blank piece of paper. gl
  18. LennonTheLemon

    urgent need help with the q attached below.

    Also made the assumption that your working out is correct and solved for x, getting 0.0245... but when you plug that value of x back into the Ka2 expression, you don't get the Ka2 value of 0.012 (this is a sanity check you can do). Looks like something has fallen apart lol.
  19. LennonTheLemon

    urgent need help with the q attached below.

    What is your question though? If you are trying to solve for x, do that using the quadratic equation. If you are wondering what total [H+] is, it should be 0.0750M + the value of x. If you think about it logically (and this is a common mistake), your total wouldn't be 0.0750M from the first...