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  1. aphorae

    Tutoring | 98 English Adv HSC Mark

    EDIT: I AM BOOKED OUT COMPLETELY AT THE MOMENT WITH 9-10 STUDENTS. I do not have space, but I can put you on a waiting list/let you know if space frees up. Maybe in November after Year 12 students graduate. Yes, I tutor only at my residence. 1.5hrs/pp or 2hrs for a group of 2. I graduated last...
  2. aphorae

    Extensive essay/creative editing and feedback service | 98 English Adv HSC Mark

    I graduated last year with a HSC mark of 98 in English Advanced and am currently undertaking a Commerce/Law degree at UNSW. Extensive essay/creative editing and feedback service (online): I am offering to edit and provide extensive feedback on essays (as well as creatives), including...
  3. aphorae

    aphorae's raw marks ~

    If anyone is interested :) English (Advanced) Paper 1 S1: 14.5/15 Creative: 14.5/15 :thrust: Crucible essay: 15/15 Pride & Prejudice: 17/20 Hamlet: 18/20 :thrust: Birthday Letters: 17.5/20 :evilfire: - Raw mark: 96.5/105 Raw weighted mark: 96/100 Aligned mark: 97 HSC mark: 98 English Extension...
  4. aphorae

    vel/acc question

    Okay I suck at these questions, can someone explain to me HSC 1998 6bii)? I don't get the Success One solution (and it doesn't follow the marker's comments for full marks) and the Maths Association one involves testing points and sketching a full on diagram which seems a bit ridiculous to me for...
  5. aphorae

    quick question

    When we write our essay, we underline the books + films and put the poems in quotations right? Just realised whatever I've been doing is inconsistent fml...
  6. aphorae

    anyone who can do the paper in ~1hr and get 80+, I have a question for you!

    How do your space your time? e.g. how long it takes you to do q1-3, 4-5, 6-7 or q1-4, 5-7 I find it usually takes me 15 mins to do q1-2, 25 mins to do q3-4, 10-15mins to do q5 ... that's 50+ mins already :( ughhhh idk why it just takes me so long to do the curve sketching questions...
  7. aphorae

    pre-hsc atar estimate please (:

    I need to be motivated!! note I do 14u, so when you estimate, just choose the top 10 ... and tell me what my 10 best units are maybe? these are my total marks, highest total mark, estimated overall rank, trial rank English Adv: mark 90/100 (top ~95, maybe 96), overall rank ~15-20/220, trial...
  8. aphorae

    raw marks + estimated aligned?

    Raw external mark estimation for these aligned marks? English Advanced 96 Economics 94-96 Latin Continuers 96-98 Mathematics 98-99 Geography 95-97 English Extension 1 49-50 English Extension 2 46-48 Maths Extension 1 48-49 Latin Extension 49 Aligned mark estimations for these raw external...
  9. aphorae

    Latin 2011

    There was an amusing lack of recent threads in this section, so I felt obliged to make one. How's the course going? What's the size of your cohort? ...does anyone else around here actually do Latin :tongue2: ?
  10. aphorae

    pre-trials atar estimate please (: + internal mark scaling question

    suggest what I should improve? was aiming for 99.7 but looking hard now D: note I do 14u, so when you estimate, just choose top 10 :)... and tell me what my 10 best units are maybe? :confused2: these are my total marks (out of however much % we've completed of the course... e.g. we've...
  11. aphorae

    ranks needed for 99.7+ and current atar estimate?

    Hey everyone, I want to get into combined law @ usyd next year (but I might end up going to unsw...? not sure) ~ Since the standard gets higher every year, it'd probably be safer to get like 99.8, but I don't know if I can :/ I haven't been doing that great this year in some subjects...