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    Worst 2 units?

    Say your worst 2 units were biology and economics (all other 4 subjects/8 units you get a band 6) and you both got 87 in them (and you did 12 units for the HSC and your subjects were english advanced, hospitality, legal studies, business studies, biology and economics), which one would count to...
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    Writing a Mod A essay based of an extract

    So in the 2016 paper A, the question had made you refer to extracts. Just curious but how do you answer that sort of question and what should you be writing in essays throughout? I know you need to agree/disagree with the question and in your intro you need to make reference to the...
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    KC notes for physics and chemistry

    Has anyone here used/seen KC notes for physics/chemistry? If so what do you think of them? If I use them is it necessary to write extra summaries at all?
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    Half yearlies prep/stress/mistakes/other

    So I decided to make this thread about half yearlies really early (so then we could think about this at an earlier stage as opposed to the half yearlies exam period when everyone's studying) and hope that past HSC students could give some insight on their half yearlies I was just wondering but...
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    Short texts prep (yeats, Speeches and TS elliot) for HSC

    So to all people who did Mod B in the past, what was your best way to prep for Mod B, especially when it is really annoying when they specify your weakest text or when they make you write an essay based on a quote or a short extract as opposed to a theme or when they make you do a critical...
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    Handwrite or type Essays

    When you all write practice essays and such, during the draft stage, do you write them out or do you handtype them? I want to write it out so then I can practice writing speed and such but if I make so many mistakes when writing essays, I will need to rewrite the whole essay from scratch again...
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    Thesis statement and topic sentences

    “Curiosity is essential to finding a true sense of discovery” Discuss The complex nature of the concept of discovery means that a true sense of discovery can be found in different circumstances for different people, however, many individuals find that they discover the most when they trust in...
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    Using Ahmad Shah's notes

    So this is to all the ppl who do either bio or chem and use Ahmad Shah's notes. Just wanna ask but when you use his notes, do you use them as a guide to make your own notes, or do you use his notes and don't bother to make your own notes or do you use his notes to make notes in another way. If...
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    Concentration of hydrogen ions

    I know this sounds like a pretty stupid question but do acidic substances have more hydrogen ions than basic or neutral substances. If so why/why not
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    Thomson's experiment

    IS it necessary to know validity, accuracy, reliability and errors which could've affected Thomson's experiment?
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    How do you understand what on earth is going on in short answer extracts

    In the short answer response section in the paper 1 section of AOS, how r u supposed to fully understand what on earth is going on in the unseen texts, especially during the time pressure? I'm currently reading an extract but am losing track of what's going on in the extract. Plz help :/
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    Symbol in a dotpoint

    For this dotpoint "Define torque as the turning momentof a force using: τ = Fd" What does the "T" symbol represent?
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    Recently developed biopolymer

    What would be a good example?
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    Past HSC chem question on polyethylene and polystyrene

    This kinda sounds like a stupid question but how would I answer this past HSC question (Q26 2007) Explain how the structure and properties of polyethylene and polystyrene relate to the way each is used. Thanks
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    Practical question

    When it says "Outline the procedure" are you supposed to retell the method word for word or what? Thanks
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    HSC 2017 MX1 Marathon

    Post any questions within the scope and level of Mathematics Extension 1. Once a question is posted, it needs to be answered before the next question is raised. This thread is mainly targeting Q1-14 difficulty in the HSC. Some housekeeping rules: 1. Provide neat working out when possible 2...
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    How do I resize the computer icon thingy

    I don't know how I did it but I made my computer icon thing super large and want to resize it (this thing in the corner of the image i.e. recycle bin and Mozilla Firefox) and I don't know how I did it exactly How do I resize it in order to make it normal again? Thanks...
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    Where can you view your schools rank in a subject

    How do you view your schools rank, say in like English? I tried to look on the Sydney Morning Herald but they don't have that sort of info on which school ranks what subjectwise in the state Thanks
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    How do you make your own curveball essay questions

    ^Title. Especially when you've run out of essay questions to do
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    Is this PenFox essay marking service suss???

    I don't know if any of you have seen this or not but there's this company named "Penfox" which sells HSC notes and marks essays all for ridiculously low prices, I mean I don't think I've ever seen a surprisingly cheap essay marking service which marks your essay for $9 and sells notes on related...