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    Affordable tutoring MATHS (ADV. EXT 1/ EXT 2) / LEGAL / ECONOMICS / PHYSICS

    Bumpp :) Few spots avaliable for new 2019 intake!
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    Economics tutoring from 4th Year Economics student

    Hey guys, I am currently an Actuarial/Economics student who is in his 4th year at UNSW. I have always enjoyed economics and have now taught economics for 3 years. Over this period I have taught over 40 Economics students. I currently have a class made of Penrith and Girra kids. But I am now...
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    Affordable tutoring MATHS (ADV. EXT 1/ EXT 2) / LEGAL / ECONOMICS / PHYSICS

    BUMP :) (now only doing group tutoring) And thank you Ankita! It was a pleasure teaching you :)
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    UMAT Tutor needed for tuition service

    Hey guys so we are currently looking for high archiving UMAT tutors who are also undertaking medicine at university. We would prefer someone who has their material and a program structure to help our students. We would require the tutor to teach at our Blacktown centre. We are prepared to pay...
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    check inbox :)

    check inbox :)
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    Affordable tutoring MATHS (ADV. EXT 1/ EXT 2) / LEGAL / ECONOMICS / PHYSICS

    Hey Guys I have one spot available for economics tution on saturday at Blacktown library. Anyone interested please contact me at manpreet.singh007@hotmail.com
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    O-Week Extreme

    Purple dragons for the win !!!! :P
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    Post Your 2013 University Offers Here

    Actuarial / economics at UNSW :)
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    UNSW scholarships results

    I applied for all rounder and dorothy clark and it stills say .... pending Does anyone know when the results come out for these (or if they have already come out) :) congrats to those who have received scholarships
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    Rewards from parents for good marks

    I reckon its to boost your desire to achieve well... in the psychology of many people.. a materialistic incentive will give them the will to endeavour through a task
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    Rewards from parents for good marks

    getting an iphone 5 or galaxy s3 (still need to decide which one though)
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    When do preferences come out??

    ^ also what happens when they come out... do we accept and make our time table??? thank you
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    Does the school you go to really matter?

    Hi magic Kebab no worries if your school is ranked 500+ ........ it is the will of the student Thanks Deswa1 ..... i agree with your three reasons.. but having already known them i made sure i didn't let them get in my way of achieving my aim... I mean i'll address how i resolved each of your...
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    Share your 2012 ATAR here

    Hi mate.... hope to see you next year for actuarial :) as for your question.... they have not released an actual ATAR cut off... but when i went to the information evening they said you should be getting over 97... so i reckon i'll see you next year