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    Economics tutoring from 4th Year Economics student

    Hey guys, I am currently an Actuarial/Economics student who is in his 4th year at UNSW. I have always enjoyed economics and have now taught economics for 3 years. Over this period I have taught over 40 Economics students. I currently have a class made of Penrith and Girra kids. But I am now...
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    UMAT Tutor needed for tuition service

    Hey guys so we are currently looking for high archiving UMAT tutors who are also undertaking medicine at university. We would prefer someone who has their material and a program structure to help our students. We would require the tutor to teach at our Blacktown centre. We are prepared to pay...
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    When do preferences come out??

    ^ also what happens when they come out... do we accept and make our time table??? thank you
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    Does the school you go to really matter?

    Hi anybody doing HSC next year.... just wanted to share this with you. Upon receiving my mark i have been asked which school i went to... The answer is i went to a school that is ranked in the 400's I just wanted to post this to let people know that if you are a willing student and...
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    Affordable tutoring MATHS (ADV. EXT 1/ EXT 2) / LEGAL / ECONOMICS / PHYSICS

    Hi 2018er’s this is perhaps the most important year of your schooling life and every effort counts… like they say you only get out what you put in. It was only a year ago when I was in your position and I understand the stress, the overwhelming emotions and the hardships that the HSC presents...
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    Medical physics

    So what did you guys think... all of it was theory what did you guys write For 6 marker i discussed following: A scan B scan Sector scan Doppler shift allows you to monitor things that are pulsating like the heart Limitations was that because it relied on acoustic impedance it could...
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    Complex number help

    Could some one please put up a solution for this question so i can check if i am right Show that if the complex number w is a solution of z^n =1,then so is w^m, is a solution of z^k =1. where m and n are arbitrary integers What i did: let w = cosa + isina mod w = 1 = mod w^m...
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    What extra stuff should we learn for 4 unit

    Hi guys.. i was wondering what other stuff is usefull to know for 4 unit maths i.e triangle inequality .... (anything else) :)
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    Homebush trial solutions

    Does any body have the home bush 2012 trial solutions for maths extension 2
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    MOD B --> SPEECHES What did you talk about

    Hi guys for mod b, question about "An inherent tension between the actual and the possible is revealed through the development of ideas " This is how i think i answered the question using atwood and bandler 1st argument --> Atwood: talked about how she presents the actual (which i defined...
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    Cut off

    Hi guys after observing the exam for english what do you think will be the cut-offs this year i think they will be lower than previous years because the sheer difficulty especially with MOD B having specified texts and without extracts what do you guys think
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    Must read this

    Hi guys read this... apparently yesterdays english exam was too hard http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/hsc-english-exam-too-hard-says-top-teacher-20121016-27ob6.html
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    Related text

    Hi guys just wondering would it be looked down upon if you did two related texts that were both of the same medium (i.e two movies) Thank you
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    is it true

    Is it true that if you use one related text when it says at least one you can not get full marks???
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    Essay question predictions

    ANYBODY HERE OF ANYTHING ....... Predict what topics you think the legal essay question will be
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    Good luck

    Good luck guys... dont stress.. allocate time efficiently i did 10 minutes multi, 60 minutes short response and 55 minutes of essay (including about 5 minutes of planing) Dont use language for the sake of it.... but use where appropriate.. Read the questions thoroughly and if there is a 5...
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    Laptop for actuarial ?

    Hi there guys, extending on what somebody has already posted on BOS (Thank you eskimogenius) would one need a laptop if undertaking actuarial studies and economics ?? Thank you
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    actuarial open night UNSW

    So who is going to the open night tomorrow ??
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    mergers and acquisitions

    If i wanted to go into mergers and acquisitions or valuations would you recommend doing actuarial studies (major in actuarial and finance) with economics or commerce/economics thank you in advance
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    ethnical composition of people doing actuarial studies

    Hi... at UNSW... what would you say is the ethnic composition of people doing actuarial studies????? Thank You :)