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    Area Of Study 2009-2012: 'belonging'

    Recently, the new Area of Study has been announced as Belonging. It will be implemented in 2009, five years after 'The Journey' Area of Study was introduced. So far, there seems to be no evident focus areas for this Area of Study whereas in The Journey there was Physical, Imaginative and Inner...
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    Top Schools of 2006

    With the release of the HSC results not too far away, it's time to place your bets on which schools dominated this year. Would James Ruse Agricultural High School remain at the top for the 10th consecutive year? Or will another school claim the top spot for the first time? How will your school...
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    Standard and Advanced SAM?

    What's the difference? I had a look at both and they're both the same.
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    Area Of Study 2007

    Alright, I need some clarification here. As far as I know, Journeys is the HSC English Area of Study from 2004-2006. However according to the updated Stimulus Booklet below, it appears that Journeys will also be the HSC English Area of Study for 2007. Can someone confirm this...
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    Brendan Nelson Has A Go At The Education System (Again).....

    From here: http://dsl.optusnet.com.au/news/story/abc/20050924/16/domestic/1467691.inp -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nelson's priorities back to front: union 2:32 PM September 24...
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    Two Unit Surfing as HSC course?

    An interesting issue to be brought up: From: http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/surfing-at-school-challenged/2005/09/07/1125772568145.html -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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    The Top Schools Of 2005

    With the HSC just around the corner and the day the results will be released not too far away, it's time to place your bets on which schools will dominate this year. Will James Ruse Agricultural High School remain at the top for the 9th consecutive year? Or will another school claim the top...
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    Student Assessment Modeller 2005

    I'm just wondering how the progress is going and what can we expect. I would also like to know how the course loading for English Standard/Advanced was calculated in the following table: (and when the 2004 column would come out) http://www.boredofstudies.org/scaledmeans.php
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    A Question About Assessment Marks

    This is in accordance to the following flowchart: http://www.boredofstudies.org/other/flowchart.pdf Are initial moderated assessment marks subjected to a separate aligning process to the examination marks? According to the flow chart it seems so. If this is true then how is this achieved...
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    Is The NSW HSC Too Easy?

    As you all may have heard, there are plans to use a nationwide School Certificate system to replace the differences in the state School Certificates to provide convenience for those who wish to go to other states for careers. Apparently every state has different standards and this is regarded as...
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    Worst Case Scenario In HSC Exams

    I've been sorry to hear that some students, including potential top performers, have had worst case scenarios during their HSC exams. This includes pen(s) running out of ink, calculator(s) out of batteries, exam room clock "froze time", etc. Since many see the HSC as the ultimate decider of a...
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    For Class Of 2006, What Preliminary Science Course Are You Taking In 2005?

    For Class Of 2006, What Preliminary Science Courses Are You Taking In 2005? I know. Three polls lol! Just out of curiosity. For class of 2006 what preliminary science course are you taking in year 11 2005? Note: You can choose more than one...
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    For Class of 2006, What Preliminary English Course Are You Taking In 2005?

    For Class of 2006, What Preliminary English Courses Are You Taking In 2005? Just wondering, for class of 2006 what English course are you taking in Year 11 this year? For people who are doing more than 2 units of English, please choose the corresponding 2 unit course (Advanced or Standard)...
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    For Class of 2006, What Preliminary Mathematics Course Are You Taking in 2005?

    For Class of 2006, What Preliminary Mathematics Courses Are You Taking in 2005? Same process as my English course thread. Just wondering, for Class of 2006 what preliminary Mathematics courses do you take in 2005? For people doing Extension 1 Mathematics course please choose the...
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    Attention!: New Mandatory School Certificate Assessment!!!

    You may have heard this long ago before, but I can't seem to find any threads on this topic... Also, I've noticed a lot of my peers did not know this. The Board of Studies had announced that there will be a Computing Skills Assessment as part of the School Certificate syllabus, which was...
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    Rumours of changes in the HSC or new HSC altogether???

    A friend told me that there may be some changes, possibly major changes affecting most or all HSC subjects (not just English) after 2006 (in full effect by 2007). These include a revised Preliminary and HSC syllabus coming into effect firstly on Year 11 of 2006, a new examination structure and...
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    Not Enough People For A Class You Want! / Can you do 13 Units?

    This year I will be going to Year 11 and I have noticed many people didn't get the courses they wanted due to insufficient numbers for a class. I was planning to do French Continuers as a preliminary course, but had to switch to Biology since there were not enough people (less than 10) for a...
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    Advanced English vs. Standard English

    I know this may have been posted many times before, but face it, each year new students are going to be discussing the same thing. The only real difference between Standard and Advanced English is the modules, and quality of the candidature. Marks are supposedly scaled as a common course, so...
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    Repeating the HSC course

    Repeating the HSC course? Is there anybody who is going to repeat the HSC course due to unsatisfactory marks and grades. Someone I know is CONSIDERING IT and that person got a UAI of like 90 LOL!!! (Well actually that person hopes to get to the University course that requires a UAI of something...
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    Teaching the Preliminary course in Year 10

    Since the School Certificate exams finish before the end of the term, many Year 10 students in schools are given the option to sign out since the lessons for the remainder of Term 4 are meaningless. Since 2001, the Board of Studies does not allow the Year 11 preliminary course to be taught...