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  1. Bobness

    The s2 2008 Uni Results thread

    From the s1 thread, where UNSW did not email our results until 4am (for me at least) on the friday. Hopefully they may email it by next thursday evening as they have done in the past. Results should arrive in your unimail by 9am Friday 28th of November according to the website...
  2. Bobness

    Uni in need of dough fails the bread test

    Old article, but quite over-the-top nevertheless. http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/uni-in-need-of-dough-fails-the-bread-test/2008/06/02/1212258741693.html Hope these banquets become a regular function :D
  3. Bobness

    CJ French

    Bonjour tout le monde! http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/man-of-many-talents-has-stomach-for-top-job/2008/09/01/1220121136782.html Ok enough with the French 'jokes', he seems like a good guy. Any links to his judgments which have cited simpsons and harry potter? I have a juvenile fixation...
  4. Bobness

    English speakers down for the count

    English speakers down for the count Anna Patty Education Editor July 22, 2008 http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/english-speakers-down-for-the-count/2008/07/21/1216492357005.html A particularly topical issue in classroom settings. I wonder if this has ramifications in high school and...
  5. Bobness

    BAULKO/JRAHS Specialist English Teacher (HSC 96, UNSW English WAM ~90 HD)

    LIMITED PLACES FOR 2009! Thread I Thread II Thread III :uhhuh: Personal: Hi I'm Bob and am currently an English Major at UNSW. I am a specialist English teacher who has worked at more than one coaching college in the past, including a highly regarded position as assistant...
  6. Bobness

    Glow-in-dark cats may enlighten humans

    Source: http://www.smh.com.au/news/science/scientists-clone-cats-that-glow-in-the-dark/2007/12/12/1197135563190.html Great pun Herald! Also, it's caturday. Discuss (korean cats look korean).
  7. Bobness

    ATTN: Thread (econ vs. comm vs. arts?)

    ps I posted this in the general uni discussion for commerce/business. Decided to post here because the majority of comm/law graduates seem to come from UNSW :s I have also edited thread title in submission to moonlightsonata's authority but :o Well i'm not too sure if anybody will have a...
  8. Bobness

    ATTN: Thread

    Well i'm not too sure if anybody will have a verifiable answer to my question/s but any insight would be appreciated. 1) Assume person A has scored the entry mark possible to study either commerce (or business in some unis) and economics. Even if they're major is in economics, why wouldn't...
  9. Bobness

    How's ENGL1009?

    I'm already doing ENGL1007 (Canon of English Literature) for semester 2 2007. Just wanted to know what others thought about literature of revolution ENGL1009 http://www.handbook.unsw.edu.au/undergraduate/courses/2007/ENGL1009.html. I'm a bit worried as it seems to be very similar to 19th...
  10. Bobness

    Lol L&r

    Let's assume hypothetically one wishes to strike a serious relationship with a girl. And they are a guy (gtfo zoe) How do you go about doing it if it's say someone you've just met or know of previously but have never really spoken to? Do you a) Befriend though over a long period of time...
  11. Bobness

    BAULKO/JRAHS TUTOR English 2/3/4u (HSC 96) Geography (93). Histories and Maths also!

    AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY Updated Thread (i.e. good, better, Bobness) Oldness? No Newness? Maybe Bobness :uhhuh: From lessons previously learnt: Personal: Hi i'm Bob and am an alumnus of James Rice. I attended Baulkham Hills High School up to year 9. Credentials: I have...
  12. Bobness

    the new msn messenger

    i think we're up to version 8 now =/ i downloaded this but had some problems. That is, i typed in my email and my password (which is 16 characters long i think) however whenever i click 'sign in' the password suddenly gets reduced down to about 8 characters. Of course you can't see the...
  13. Bobness

    BAULKO/JRAHS ENG 2/3/4u and Modern History/Extension TUTOR

    New thread, click here! And my most updated thread. _________________________________________________ Hi i'm Bob and i graduated from James Ruse. I also went to Baulkham Hills High in my junior years and i offer tuition for year 7-12 english, with particular focus on the 2008 hsc cohort...
  14. Bobness

    Graduation Day

    Ahh sh*t i feel so bad today because it was officially our last day at school. (our school has some random fun day outs and luncheons organised for next week) This is far from the perfect place to have a cry and everything but seriously, i just realised how much i missed my grade like as soon...
  15. Bobness

    k mp3

    so.. i own a small collection of cds. i have an mp3 (not yet anyway, but i'll probably buy a nano soon) in the past when i ripped songs from CDs the file size was always around 4mb per song at 192kb/s. would anyone know how i can rip/copy songs from CDs onto mp3s so that the file size is...
  16. Bobness

    Law Lectures

    Quick question For uts undergraduate law, is the degree taught via lectures with rooms of up to say a couple of hundred people? Or does uts have small groups like usyd and unsw? Thanks :)
  17. Bobness


    where would we be without our trusted highlighters :) anywho does anybody highlight the texts/textbooks handed out in class which we have to bring back after the hsc? i used to just underline important quotes with pencil but recently began highlighting passages because 1) i was in a rush...
  18. Bobness

    Earphones and/or headphones

    How come when i listen to music on my mp3, every say 6 months or so my earphones die? Not die but hear me out. One ear (usually the left earpiece) starts to deteriorate significiantly in sound quality until the music i'm playing can't be heard, or if it does, is very erratic i.e. works...
  19. Bobness


    i'm asking this to clarify a position i took against a friend. is it ok to 'plagiarise' exemplar essays in the standards packages and .. those annual blue books with top-band essays ... for exams (not only in english i guess but modern history, extension history etc)? i thought it was...
  20. Bobness

    Blu Water High

    Awesome show on ABC. Wednesday 5:25pm (although from experience they normally start at about 5:23 :o) Since i'm a wiki whore here have a look-see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Water_High The storylines are believable without being over melodramatic a la smallville. Character...