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    Skilled migration

    I was listening to ABC radio national's Counterpoint last night and they were discussing how skilled immigration is taking the jobs of Australian students. There were a number of interesting points raised including: -There is, in IT, a thirty percent unemployment rate for graduating...
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    Voice recognition software

    I was wondering if anyone could be of assistance. Does anyone know anything about dictation software, i.e, you give the computer voice commands, or in the case I want, you can dictate to word processors. What is the best brand? What is the cheapest? What is something that is compatible with a...
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    Isaac Asimov?

    Anyone here interested in the wiritngs of Isaac Asimov? I'm nearly finished the Asimov chronicles, a collection of fifty short stories, one from each year of his life. He did have a hell of an imagination. And I love Susan Clavin as a character. She is such a cold, calculatingly logical woman.
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    Closing small schools?

    On the news yeserday there was a suggestion, and I am not entirely clear who initiated it, but I think it was the head of the secondary principals council or Andrew Stoner (or are they one in the same). Anyway, the proposal was to close certain small schools (possibly upto a hundred of them). A...
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    Potential terrorist attacks on Melbourne

    I heard on the radio that an American born terrorist threatened of an attack on Melbourne. What do you reckon are the chances of such an attack actually happening: a)In Melbourne? b)Elsewhere in Australia, and if so, where?
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    Facial Hair

    Ladies I have to ask, What do you prefer in the way of facial hair, and why? Guys, if facial hair (on a man) does something for you, then feel free to reply.
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    New Work Safety Bill

    The Government, I think state but I can't remember and can't check at this moment, has introduced a new work safety Bill. Under this new Bill any employer is liable for any injuries sustained by his employee, regardless of the employees actions. This Bill brings with it a five year sentence and...
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    Farming's key role in Aust economy upgraded

    DAILY NEWS : AGRIBUSINESS AND GENERAL Farming's key role in Aust economy upgraded By Michael Thomson Monday, 14 March 2005 New data from the Australian Farm Institute has confirmed in black and white what many farmers suspected - the contribution of agriculture to the national...
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    PETA in court.

    It's about time but finally something is being done about these nut cases http://theland.farmonline.com.au/news_daily.asp?ag_id=25160 and some more reading if you feel like it. http://theland.farmonline.com.au/news_daily.asp?ag_id=25061...
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    Fast food joints in Hospitals

    On page 39 of the Sun Herald (28-11-04) there is an article about how starbucks and Subway have restaurants that inside the hospital that have replaced traditional cafeterias. And apparently McDonalds, Pizza Hut etc are trying to gain there way into other hospitals. Anyone else reckon this...
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    School books

    Back when you were a little terror (years seven, eight, nine, and probably ten) - or if you still are, did you find the books the school set out really pathetic. By the time I was in year six I was reading adult novels, and I'm talking the likes of Tom Clancy (but I don't think I'd discovered...
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    Can we re-use our major works

    I've been wondering. Does anyone know whether or not we can reuse or major works and expand them into full length novels, or reuse characters we created. Or does the Board of Studies hold the copyright and prevent us from doing that?
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    Greens new policies

    On the bus this morning I heard the new policies for the Greens. They want Marijuana and ecstasy to be sold over the counter (that'll get them support from Nimbin among other places). They also want people to ride more bikes, and eat less meat. What do you think about the Greens new policies...
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    Do you reckon Howard will step aside for Costello

    I've the nagging feeling that if Howard wins this election he'll step aside and let Costello take over. After all, it's the only way Costello will ever make Prime Minister. Does anyone else believe Howard won't serve a full term if he's re-elected?
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    Anyone sick of writing or inspired

    I'm not actually sick of writing, quite the reverse. But did Extension 2 turn anyone off writing, or inspire anyone to attempt a real piece of writing later on?
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    Saving it to the last

    Anyone do their major work at the last moment?
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    An Australian Bill of Rights

    Guess what, there is now an Australian Bill of Rights. It's an ACT act that only applys to them though. If you don't believe me have a look on Austlii and look under acts - ACT - human rights act 2004.
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    Blood journals

    Bloody journals Who else here hates the whole idea of journals, diaries, logs, call them what you may. I detest them, loathe them, and may burn mine if I get it back. And am the only one who hates the whole notion of keeping a journal? :mad:
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    Supplemetary material for Individual against Society

    I'm doing Individual against society and we have to find some supplementary material. Do any of you have any recommedations. Preferrably something from the eighteenth or nineteenth centuries.
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    What would happen if...

    What would happen if there were two people doing Extension 2 English at the same school. One of them gets first in the internal assesments, but has a crap major work, and the other has a crap mark in the intenral assesments, but has a great major work. Because of scaling and everything...