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  1. Omnipotence

    UNSW churns out the most CEOs in ASX200 companies

    This Is What You Need To Become A CEO Of An ASX 200 Company The CEOs of Australia’s top 200 companies listed on the ASX have a number of traits in common. The average is a man aged about 54 who went to the University of NSW and studied business...
  2. Omnipotence

    Yay guys, we going to be rich!

    The University of NSW has produced more millionaires than any other Australian university according to a new international league table. http://www.afr.com/p/national/university_of_nsw_is_australia_top_qrbUqx61jZ2Z9DdCBw0HZJ
  3. Omnipotence

    UAdel fucked up

    LOL thoughts about students with 30ish percentile given an interview? http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/university-of-adelaide-medical-student-applicants-wrongly-told-they-were-to-be-interviewed/story-e6frg6n6-1226742547643
  4. Omnipotence

    ANU bonus points

    It seems like most people are oblivious to the fact that ANU offers bonus points. Enjoy. http://drss.anu.edu.au/student_equity/2014-bonus-points-flyer.pdf
  5. Omnipotence

    Arc membership number?

    Where can I find my Arc membership number?
  6. Omnipotence

    2013 UNSW Offers

    Post your 2013 UNSW offers here! Also include your major if you have decided, any transfer offers are also welcome in this thread.
  7. Omnipotence

    Want to know if you made it into your preferred UNSW course before official offer?

    Not sure if this still works but you can check whether you've made it into the course before the official release of the main round offers at 9pm tomorrow. Basically hop on to https://idm.unsw.edu.au/idm/user/newUser/validateNewUser.jsp and input UAC number, post code, D.O.B and the UNSW...
  8. Omnipotence

    2013 sem 1 timetable

    Ignore the INFS1602 lab it should only be 14hrs/wk
  9. Omnipotence

    Sem 2 timetable

  10. Omnipotence

    extended case note

    I have no idea. :(
  11. Omnipotence

    BSOC Cruise

    Anyone going? =)
  12. Omnipotence

    UNSW Careers and Employment

    Who is going to the investment banking and consulting careers evening on Tuesday?
  13. Omnipotence

    UBS investment banking challenge

    Has anyone been through the UBS investment bank challenge? If so, what was the experience like?
  14. Omnipotence


    Would I need to purchase a textbook? If so, I've found a new 019002223X (ISBN) for a bargain price. Should I purchase it or wait till uni starts?
  15. Omnipotence

    unsw zmail

    Can I change the zXXXXXX@unsw.edu.au to 'first name'.'surname'@unsw.edu.au?
  16. Omnipotence

    Who is going on the Fellow Traveller's Program?

    Dear Enrolling Student, Congratulations on your offer to join us at UNSW in 2012. I am writing to invite you to participate in an initiative for newly enrolling students being run by UNSW Residential Communities and the student organisation ARC. The UNSW Fellow Travellers Program is an...
  17. Omnipotence

    Travel - Which is better for a Uni student?

    Should I be purchasing; day, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly train tickets for uni?
  18. Omnipotence

    How is the net?

    How is the wireless internet at UNSW? Is it free and quick?
  19. Omnipotence

    Bachelor of Commerce (Chancellor’s Scholars’ Program)

    The University of Melbourne. Degrees for very high-achieving students: Chancellor’s Scholars ProgramsThe University will be introducing the following degrees for entry in 2012. They provide a package of additional benefits for very high-achieving students: BenefitsStudents selected into one of...
  20. Omnipotence

    ATAR Raw Mark/Cut-off Band Database!

    brettymaccc has been kind to share an ATAR raw mark database that he/she compiled with the community. The figures should be taken with a grain of salt as alignment differs from year to year because of factors like difficulty of exam, caliber of cohort and etc. Explanation (brettymacc): A raw...