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  1. M

    urgent helppp with uni offers

    HEY YALL SO I RLLY NEED ADVICE RN EEK okay so basically didn't get the atar i wanted - expected this bc of unprecedented some stuff i had on in 2021 - and my chances of law unsw 2022 are little to none. i have two options:: 1. arts at unsw + internally transfer (75+ wam needed) to law/arts in...
  2. M

    Interview this evening - advice?

    Hi! So I’m applying as a tutor at this place in the city and for my interview I need to teach for 10-15 mins (English) for a topic given on the spot. Any advice? I’m so so scared eek
  3. M

    HSC Economics - China (Case Study) & COVID-19

    Hey guys As we all know the HSC is tomorrow and I am panicking because I don't have much on china's management of COVID If anyone could share their notes for this, I would be incredibly grateful :) Thank you
  4. M

    mod c

    silly q but w mod c, they can ask us for imaginative (so creative right?) and what are the other options? like are the options creative, discursive and persuasive?
  5. M

    urgent eco help :(

    hey guys, so english is gonna be hell but eco is gonna be so much worse. its my worst subject and my mental health is declining rapidly HAHAH so i have general trends that have occurred for the main objectives in the past 3-4 months ie following delta peaking, but can anyone help me out...
  6. M

    UNSW - PPE & LAW

    Hey everyone! Does anyone have any experience/know someone who has experienced the UNSW PPE degree or PPE/Law degree? (btw PPE = politics, philosophy and economics) Thankyou :)
  7. M

    choosing relateds for ext 1 eng

    hey guys - so i have notes for around 4 relateds but cannot choose for the life of me (prescribed's are heaney and godot that i've chosen; not doing frankenstein) because i still don't know what needs to be similar about them. i've written about the oppressor vs oppressed in heaney frankenstein...
  8. M


    Hi guys So, I'm trying to apply for UNSW via SRS, but I have a question. I am not part of a gateway school, so does that mean I cannot apply to UNSW? Silly question but I just need clarification. I'm asking because criteria for UNSW is: UNSW Sydney requirements You must satisfy the...
  9. M

    LAT advice

    Hey guys! So LAT is in 19 days (idk how it approached so quickly yikes). I'm kinda stressing about marks and stuff because I'll be lucky if I get a 90 ATAR, and then I'll probably get a few points for EAS. I'm trying to get into either Law/PPE or Law/Arts - does anyone have any advice onto...
  10. M


    do you ever end up finding out how many points you get? i am applying for personal illness (anxiety + depression) and family disruption (one of my parents passed away very recently.) i hope you're all well. take care & thank you
  11. M

    ten days left (!?)

    How is everyone going? I've got to cut down on my words because I thought poetry was 3.5k but it's 3k </3
  12. M

    help w internal marks

    hey everyone i want to calculate my internal marks for english urgently, how do i do it? (not a math brain here) - i tried the one in the link (https://boredofstudies.org/threads/updated-raw-marks-database-sortable-excel-file.324426/page-1) but it isn't working </3 thank you !
  13. M

    small question about ranking!

    hey guys! does anyone who's already graduated know how i should rank for a mid to high 80s final mark for bio? for my school in the top thirties you need to come top ten. thank you!!!
  14. M

    Biology weightings

    Hey guys! So my friend wanted to ask this here but he doesn't have an account but to summarise his question: He's ranked around 50th out of 65 ish in our cohort due to like complicated situations but if he comes top five for the next task weighted 35%, would he be able to come top ten in the...
  15. M

    changing sources of economic growth essay + links to other economic issues

    hi! i have an exam on friday and i was wondering what i'd put in an essay asking for changing economic growth sources - i'd sincerely appreciate any help! cheers
  16. M

    around 6 weeks until trials - how do i approach study?

    hey guys!! i have 6 exams + major work to complete within 6 weeks. how can i approach this? thank you so much !!
  17. M


    hi !! i’m interested in studying law - preferably at UNSW next year. doesn’t have to be specific to any uni but in general - what are sort of the benefits and cons of studying law? all i hear people say is that graduates don’t get proper jobs for like ten years postgrad (like they just “file...
  18. M

    ext 2 poetry - help !

    hey guys!! ok also it really sucks this forum isnt so active :( well i have my mw draft 2 due on tues and im panicking !! my first draft had around 1k words and im trying to get 2k in now. but i haven't written much :( in my first draft i didnt rlly pay much attention to meter etc so now im...
  19. M

    Economics Topic 3 Essay Help!

    hey guys! hope holidays are going well :D i have this essay due on saturday and i'm so stuck!! Analyse the changing sources of economic growth and their effects on the Australian economy (20) let me know if you have any tips! thank uu <3
  20. M

    atar mark prediction(?)

    hey guys! so i'm failing math agh so i go to a top 20 selective school. my current cumulative rank is 99/105 its so so bad so i'm aiming for a 96-97 atar. i do exceptionally well at all four units of english and biology, whereas economics is pretty bad too. i think i'm 28/31 ranked. so if i...