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  1. slyhunter

    To all HSC students stressing

    To everyone stressing over the HSC, I thought during this time period, it would be nice for someone like me, an ex-student, just to give you a few pointers and heads up before your exams start on Monday. The important thing is to NOT stress. If you're not, you're well set for the next few...
  2. slyhunter

    ATAR Estimate

    Hey, if I could get an estimate for both me and a friend that would be great haha. School rank: both 21 Me: English Adv: 22/140 MX1: 2/110 MX2: 4/36 Economics: 4/50 Modern: 5/26 Friend: English Adv: 32/140 MX1: 14/110 MX2: 15/36 Economics: 14/50 Chem: 24/92 Phys: 9/76
  3. slyhunter

    Rémi Gaillard Appreciation Thread

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  4. slyhunter

    Looking for a chemistry and/or advanced english tutor.

    Hello there :) I'm currently looking for a chemistry and advanced english tutor who has prior experience and knows their stuff :rolleyes2: I'm in year eleven and I live in south-west sydney. I'm willing to travel to your house or where ever is most convenient, or tutoring could be at my place :)...
  5. slyhunter

    ATAR Estimate

    (as promised b00m :P) Anyway dungoofed by HYs, gogogogogo English Adv: 38/140 Maths 3U: 2/110 Maths 4U: 10/33 Eco: 4/50 Modern: 7/26 Chem: will not count hehe School rank: ~20
  6. slyhunter


  7. slyhunter

    The Odd One Out

    Hey guys, For an English assignment, our current topic is "The Odd One Out" and for an assignment, we are required to find FIVE related texts reflecting the concept of "The Odd One Out". Currently, I've chosen one and that's the play "Twelve Angry Men" Can anyone suggest to me some good...
  8. slyhunter

    Help! English Speech Assessment

    Hi guys, Basically i got a speech coming up and i am absolutely lost at what to do? Here's the "question" "Book week is coming up! You are asked to feature the novel you have been studying for a display in your school library. Explain to the Book committee why this novel should be featured...