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  1. Tommy_69

    degree with merit?

    i heard that at nsw if u complete ur degree with a cr average u get for eg a bqchelor of commerce with merit (and etc for d's n hds). Do sydney uni have the same system n if they do is there a url for it?
  2. Tommy_69


    Wasn't thefinal just a bit too easy? what u reckon?
  3. Tommy_69

    FINC2012 Mid-Semester

    How did everyone go? Questions were like 60% from the CD in the textbook!!!
  4. Tommy_69

    Centralised Timetable

    Can somebody give me a link to the centralised timetable?
  5. Tommy_69

    wats harder finA or finB

  6. Tommy_69


    Hey im doing a commerce degree and am confused about honours. my question is can i do a double major (accounting/finance) and do honours in accounting? Also is it only a credit average i need to do honours. thanks
  7. Tommy_69

    Corporate Finance I Scailing

    Hey This is directed to people who have finished FINC2011 in past. I heard that because the final of this exam is so hard it scails through the roof is that true? Say im on around 39/50 before final and get around 55% raw mark in the final what could my final mark end up being? Thanks guys
  8. Tommy_69

    ACCT 2011 Essay

    just wondering how much did you guys write on part a ive written around 350 words cant think of anything else to write.
  9. Tommy_69

    Where is this place at USYD

    I gotta do an exam tomorrow at Peter Nicol Russell Drawing Office 2 but have no idea where the hell it is. can anybody help. thx
  10. Tommy_69

    Failing a Subject Question

    I failed a subject im not majoring in, in first year. Will it limit me from doing honours or masters in future years even if i do have a credit + average. Thankyou
  11. Tommy_69

    INFS Final

    How did everyone go. Here in the attachment I have my ERD diagram that i drew up in exam. Did everyone get similar diagrams? Edit: the relationship on the left is not suppose to be there between customers and tv company i deno why i put that there while drawing it back up
  12. Tommy_69

    Helping with Majors

    Ok Say i want to choose to do a double major being - Accounting/Management How many subs of each do I do? Can somebody help me with this. In other words how many core's/ electives do i have to do from each major. Is it exactly half or what? Link to Accounting Major...
  13. Tommy_69

    Quick Question

    If i failed Introductory Microeconomics first semester can i do macroeconomics second semester? Or is micro a prerequisite for macro?
  14. Tommy_69


    Hey can someone explain to me the concept of the WAM Index? Does it accumulate every year. So a WAM of 65% gets you into honours. Im confused.
  15. Tommy_69

    Ralph's Cafe / Big Brother

    Dunno if anyone really cares haha, but I might just point it out. On Big brother tnite they were previewing two new intruders into the show, n the first one they showed was Ralph's son James who works on campus. I think he goes in on Tuesday. Thought this was cool
  16. Tommy_69

    CLAW 1001 Exam - Thoughts

    What everything think about it. I reckon it was pretty easy although I could of written heaps more although ran outta time - still managed to finished. I reckon they are going to mark it so hard. Nearly everyone in the room just copied straight out of reading module book etc...
  17. Tommy_69

    Workload with 2 Majors

    I was wondering how the workload was doing 2 majors. Im thinking of doing - Commercial Law - Economics How hard will it be?
  18. Tommy_69

    Unit of Study Outlines

    Can somebody give me a link to the Undergraduate Unit of Study Outlines? Thx
  19. Tommy_69

    Commerce Students Help

    Im currently undertaking a Maths Bridging Course and having trouble with - Circular Functions - trig identities etc - Inverse Functions - logs Should I bother trying to perfect these topics or discard it? In other words will they be included in the Commerce course particularly in these...
  20. Tommy_69

    Subject Codes

    Can somebody give me the codes for - Commercial Law 1b - Business Information Systems