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  1. RealiseNothing

    Eigenvalues & Eigenvectors

    Re: The Nonsense Thread Ok so idk if you actually want an answer, but I'm doing it to make sure I know what I'm talking about so: You know the usual matrix equation: Mx=b Now the whole idea behind eigenvalues/eigenvectors is to move everything in straight lines as this is the easiest way to...
  2. RealiseNothing

    UNSW Maths Comp Medallist, E4 in MX1/MX2 offering Private Maths Tutoring

    My name is Matthew and I am offering private mathematics tuition for Mathematics Extension 1 and Mathematics Extension 2. Maths in schools is rarely taught in such a way that the student gains a deep and meaningful understanding of the content that goes beyond rote learning standard procedures...
  3. RealiseNothing

    University Courses

    Now that results have been released, post what university course you are more than likely doing next year! Personally I'm hoping to do B.Science (Adv Maths) at USYD.
  4. RealiseNothing


    Was I the only one who thought it was much harder than previous years?
  5. RealiseNothing

    Dat circle geo

    Was the sneakiest thing ever.
  6. RealiseNothing

    New topic in MX1

    Guess what new topic will be invented tomorrow for the question 14. Three guesses each.The person who guesses correctly doesn't win anything though, I can't afford it. I'm thinking: 1) combinomialations 2) rates of parametrics 3) polynircle geometry
  7. RealiseNothing

    Couple questions

    1) Which piece of equipment would you use to measure the amount of suspended solids in water: a) filter paper b) turbidity tube 2) When testing water quality, using more water samples improves: a) validity b) reliability c) accuracy d) makes a fair test Getting mixed responses...
  8. RealiseNothing

    Urban water sample

    If we were given the four water samples above, but we didn't know which was which, what reasons could we give to identify which one is the "Urban" sample.
  9. RealiseNothing

    Realise's 2U raw marks

    Multiple Choice - 10/10 Question 11 - 15/15 Question 12 - 15/15 Question 13 - 15/15 Question 14 - 15/15 Question 15 - 15/15 Question 16 - 9/15 :( Total raw 94/100 HSC mark 96
  10. RealiseNothing

    Complex Numbers Topic Test

    Here is a complex numbers topic test I wrote for fun. Hopefully there are no errors, so enjoy. http://www.mediafire.com/?pk2uju2jchvr615#!
  11. RealiseNothing

    Approximations of square roots

    If: \sqrt{\alpha} < \sqrt{x} < \sqrt{\beta} Then: \sqrt{x} \approx \sqrt{\alpha} + \frac{x-\alpha}{\beta-\alpha} I've brought this up a long time ago, but I just remembered it so I thought I'd make a thread to see if this actually leads to anything more. Background info: basically I was...
  12. RealiseNothing

    The coolest number

    531441 is the coolest number in my opinion (and for a good reason). My challenge: find out what makes it so cool.
  13. RealiseNothing

    Cool question

    This question is a good way of seeing how much of integration you understand in my opinion. \int_{2}^{5} ln(x) ~ dx
  14. RealiseNothing

    Probability of Divisibility.

    \\ $A random positive integer $ n $ is selected for the expression $ \\\\ S_n = \sqrt{\frac{\sum_{k=1}^{n} k^3 }{9}} \\\\ $ Find the probability that $ S(n) $ is an integer$.
  15. RealiseNothing

    Preliminary 3U Paper - Realise Edition

    http://www.mediafire.com/?bn1j5n1cy6624hk Have fun :)
  16. RealiseNothing

    Preliminary 3U Paper - Realise Edition

    http://www.mediafire.com/?bn1j5n1cy6624hk Have fun :)
  17. RealiseNothing

    2U/3U maths

    What topics has everyone done in 2U/3U maths? Need to know what topics to include in a (possible) preparation test.
  18. RealiseNothing

    Australian Maths Competition 2012 Thoughts

    How did everyone go? I found the first 18 questions to be pretty straight forward, but 19 and 20 were challenging. Question 21-24 I just guessed, but I ended up getting questions 25, 26, and 29 right (I think), so I'm pretty happy with that.
  19. RealiseNothing


    Not sure what level this is so I'll just post it here: http://math.stackexchange.com/questions/106359/intuitive-limit-integration-and-gamman-x I'm trying to prove that, for the first integral on the page, the LHS becomes the RHS. I ended up with the RHS but with a '-1' on the end of it which...