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  1. HoldingOn

    Differentiation Question Help

    The only way I can see how to do it without integration is taking the average velocity and then multiplying by the time. But this would only give you an approximation.
  2. HoldingOn

    Differentiation Question Help

    I think they want you to use integration hence they have specified an initial condition for the body's displacement- indicating that the constant is zero. Also note that the acceleration is not uniform as the velocity function forms a parabola- so we can't use shape formulas like area of a...
  3. HoldingOn

    Dalyell Scholar?

    Seems like that applies university wide
  4. HoldingOn

    Ranks - Thoughts?

    I'd just rest up and psychologically prepare yourself for the rest of the year. In my opinion having a good mindset will help you achieve a much better result than hours and hours of studying. In the summer holidays I did some light study for both 3U and 2U but really focused on other aspects...
  5. HoldingOn

    Percent of people getting in with 99.5+

    Not many only really people with bonus points/ access schemes. A friend last year got 99.45 and didn’t get an offer in any of the rounds
  6. HoldingOn

    Which uni will accept me

    Yeah not sure- I’m a good 5 points over and haven’t received anything
  7. HoldingOn

    Which uni will accept me

    Do you mean 1st? I haven’t gotten any yet either
  8. HoldingOn

    Preparation for Year 11

    You can psychologically prepare by relaxing
  9. HoldingOn

    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    I got 99.3. Luckily I didn’t want to do commerce law
  10. HoldingOn

    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    Did everyone else just download the UAC app? The website is a minefield to navigate...
  11. HoldingOn

    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    If you tied first then your assessment is the average of the first two external
  12. HoldingOn

    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    When do the merit lists with everyone who got a b6 come out?
  13. HoldingOn

    branches of engineering - which to choose?!

    Thanks very much for the detailed response- I’m still very keen to follow aerospace as a career path but will keep in mind that like most things in life, it is very much crystallised. I will just see where it takes me and be prepared for anything. Final question- would you still follow the same...
  14. HoldingOn

    branches of engineering - which to choose?!

    In an ideal world I would love to work to Boeing or NASA- but I would just be happy working anywhere in the industry. I’m thinking the creation of the Australian Space Agency will boost domestic employment levels in the near future as well
  15. HoldingOn

    branches of engineering - which to choose?!

    What sort of work do you do? I have my heart set on aerospace but slightly worried about job prospects
  16. HoldingOn

    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    Starting to get a bit nervous already!
  17. HoldingOn

    Maths for Engineering

    My first preference is Commerce Engineering at USyd. I did Extension 1 but in hindsight would have loved to have done Extension 2, and it would probably have suited my degree better than other subjects I did. Which content should I cover in preparation for next year? I was thinking about...
  18. HoldingOn

    Study and Time Management

    I completely agree with this. I approached it the other way- although my degree requires only 95 I put my heart and soul into the HSC. And although I’m expecting 99.5+ it really isn’t worth it...
  19. HoldingOn

    Fishy Ranks

    Yes I was awarded first in English Extension and I was tied