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  1. hopeles5ly

    $115 Defqon tickets? woot!

    That's right, one of the biggest hardstyle festival is on this Saturday! I still have 5 tickets up for grabs at $115 each; If interested message me or leave a post.
  2. hopeles5ly

    Bachelor Of Science(Nutrition) Or anyone doing Science.

    I'm thinking of transferring to Bachelor Of Science(Nutrition). I haven't seen many threads or feedbacks on this course. But anyway, can anyone provide any indication of the difficulty of this course? Let's say, I never did any sciences in the HSC and am pretty terrible with maths. Although...
  3. hopeles5ly

    woot singapore and bangkok

    I'm going: Singapore 16th-21th July Bangkok-22th-28th July Anyone else in the area during these times?
  4. hopeles5ly

    Long paragraphs.

    I have no idea where to place this lol. But anyway, when writing an essay, the way I structure it will be that each paragraph will go over a particular point. But, in one of my paragraphs, of one the issues I'm discussing, I go into it in extreme depth, but the only problem is that, it seems to...
  5. hopeles5ly

    Exchanging Currency

    I need some suggestions on the cheapest place in Sydney to exchange $AUS into foreign currency, as i'll be going overseas on Tuesday
  6. hopeles5ly


    I'll be heading off to Singapore in July. And just wondering for anyone that's been there - where would be the best place to get electronic things at the cheapest prices, as well as major shopping centres, tourist attractions and great eating places which I should check out?
  7. hopeles5ly


    When do the HSC band descriptors and teacher notes on the BOS site get released? I would have thought the HSC band descriptors would already be out by now. Or unless they stopped releasing them?
  8. hopeles5ly

    Questions about assessment marks

    Me and 3 people were all ranked 3rd in one of my subjects. The exam marks stood at: 1st:91 2nd:88 3rd:86 3rd:84 3rd:82 3rd:81 I ended up getting 84 for my exam mark, and 82 for my assessment mark. However, the 3rd highest mark was 86. But, what made me more curious was that everyone...
  9. hopeles5ly

    Business Studies Marks

    Discuss, seeing that i haven't seen a lot of band 6's this year. 85 :(
  10. hopeles5ly

    Prediction of HSC marks.

    Seeing that the release of HSC marks is just around the corner, predict the marks you'll get or at least hope for.
  11. hopeles5ly

    Official Assessment Ranks

  12. hopeles5ly

    Turning Points Of The War

    Can anyone please elblorate on why these battles were turning points? my ideas and thoughts seem to be general and not specific enough. Thanks. The Battle of Britain The Battle of the Atlantic The Russian Campaign: (Operation Barbarossa, the Battle of Stalingard and Kursk) El Alamein...
  13. hopeles5ly

    Report:Contingency theory. Help.

    For the report, i talked about contingency theory. I talked about how you can use a combination of the behaviour and classical-scientfic theory. But, can you combine both together? Like the hierarchical strcture from the classical scientific theory to allow employees to still have jobs and job...
  14. hopeles5ly

    Module B Question!!

    Hey, i need some real reassurance on one of the questions in the module paper. For my close study of text, the question was "In what ways does the director draw you into the world of the film". The film was Witness. I started off by saying that the director draws us into the film through various...
  15. hopeles5ly

    Case study dilemma

    I’ve revised almost all the topics, except the case studies. Hence, to revise the case study, I’ve concluded it will take up a lot of my time and I may end up forgetting it all at the end, like I did before. Also, I still don’t know all the financial formals and want to spend the next 2 days...
  16. hopeles5ly


    Just wondering, but does enjambement only apply for poetry or can it apply for say an article?
  17. hopeles5ly

    Accomplishments In Stuvac.

    So seeing that we have a few days to the start of the HSC, what have you people actually accomplished in the stuvac and also how prepared are you? Business: Gone through most of marketing, change, global and half way through employment relations Yet to do finance and memorize/fine tune case...
  18. hopeles5ly

    2005 HSC Question 3

    "To what extent has studying the concept of physical/imaginative/inner journeys expanded your understanding of yourself, of individuals, and of the world?" How would you actually go about answering this question, or more so, what would be a suitable thesis? Any ideas or suggestions would be...
  19. hopeles5ly

    USYD/UTS Open Day 26/8/06 Roll Call

    so whos going?
  20. hopeles5ly

    Currency Fluctuations

    This is in relation to currency fluctuations and this is the dialogue from the skyes textbook. So can anyone please explain how it works as i forgot. Thanks :) a fall in the value of the $A = increase value of other curriences -> imports more expensive, exports cheaper ->increase in...