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  1. Lady_Melian


    Anyone doing psychology at Bathurst? I am Yay!!!! :)
  2. Lady_Melian

    uni work loads?

    Just wondering what a typical work load for first year uni for B Psych would be and how many days you'd be at uni, coz i'm planning on driving down from home but not if i'm gonna have to be there 5days a week! Thanks for any help :)
  3. Lady_Melian

    When to reply...?

    Ok, couldn't actually be bothered looking if this has already been done, but my sis is in a pickle right now. She just spent a good night with a guy and got his number, and she wants to know when she should msg him. Is today ok or does it make her seem too keen? Or should she wait a few days or...
  4. Lady_Melian

    Brave New World

    Hi, i was just wondering if anybody else had to do Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, and what you think of it. I found it interesting, but really strange as well......hard to explain but i guess if you've read it you'll know what i mean. I was also wondering if anybody knows where i could find...