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Search results

  1. Lady_Melian

    Subjects for Music People

    i did: Music Ext Music 2 Chemistry English Adv Maths 2u SOR1 PDHPE
  2. Lady_Melian

    Not seeing your loved one on Valentines day

    I'll be 2 and a half hours away from him on valentines day :(
  3. Lady_Melian

    Interracial relationships

    i agree with SweetSeasons....but right now my boy is Polish!!!!! :)
  4. Lady_Melian

    Your Partner's Parents

    well, i'm yet to meet my boyfriend's parents (we've been going out for a bit over a week now lol)...i'm kinda scared i hope they like me! My parents met him last night and they loved him! yay
  5. Lady_Melian

    A girl not wanting a relationship.......... (YET)

    Get yourself out of that now! This happened to me, but with a guy...and he ended up leading me on and screwing me over big time. He made me think he liked me, but just wasn't ready for a relationship, when the reality was he was using me...he was also doing the same thing to a few other girls AT...
  6. Lady_Melian

    break up ova a txt msg.

    bastard....its such an awful way to do it, he didnt even have the guts to do it to your face! evil! :(
  7. Lady_Melian


    ok thanks, and yes i'll prob c u round (even tho i don't know who i'm looking for lol :P) btw i'm courtney
  8. Lady_Melian


    What's the course like for first year? I get to pick elective kinda things don't i? Do you have any suggestions?
  9. Lady_Melian

    Student List!

    i know it'd be awesome!! Thanks!!
  10. Lady_Melian

    Student List!

    my bf is hoping to transfer to that from the wagga campus....i hope he got it
  11. Lady_Melian

    Student List!

    B Psychology, Bathurst, 1st year, living at home :P
  12. Lady_Melian

    2005 University Offers - Post them here (No spam)!

    B Psychology (Honours) @ CSU Bathurst
  13. Lady_Melian

    How far away from uni do you live?

    It'll be a 1 1/2 hr drive for me...probably about 2hrs by train
  14. Lady_Melian

    life after school

    Don't worry i changed my mind several times during yr 11 and 12 as to what i wanted to do....but i was set by the trials as to what i wanted to do....and i got it! Yay! :)
  15. Lady_Melian

    Reading Comics

    seth cohen reads comics....mmm i love seth...i love adam brody :)
  16. Lady_Melian

    What instrument do u play?

    I play the Flute, but i can also play the piano and guitar a bit.
  17. Lady_Melian


    Anyone doing psychology at Bathurst? I am Yay!!!! :)
  18. Lady_Melian

    How long before you have sex?

    i wanna wait long enough to know there is trust in the relationship; long enough to know that i'm not just being used; long enough to know that there is love in the relationship; long enough to know that we are both ready for it.....and that could be a really short time or a really long time...i...
  19. Lady_Melian

    Houston...We have a problem here !

    Well, i've just found a guy who isn't just after sex....he wants the trust and the friendship and likes to cuddle and stuff.....he's so sweet! So there are a few out there, just keep looking lol
  20. Lady_Melian

    Where should I go 4 Schoolies

    I guess it depends where u r coming from, but we went to Shoal Bay and it was great! There were actually heaps of people up in the area on schoolies which was cool.