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Search results

  1. moriamsdubu

    japanese marks question

    hi yall <3 i just had my japanese written exam for continuers which is out of 80 and i think i got like a 60 or 65 honestly AHAHAH but basically since it's out of 80, and my school is submitting our trial speaking marks as our hsc speaking marks bc of covid (which are out of 20) and i got a 19...
  2. moriamsdubu

    what's getting you through the HSC?

    so - a week until paper 1 !!!! what's your motivation to get you through these exams ? just something positive i thought to lift up spirits lolol for me it's thinking about how much overwatch i'm gonna play after the hsc LOL
  3. moriamsdubu

    hows everyone holding up?

    alot of the posts on the forum recently seem to just be about ATARs and HSC subjects but i wanted to know how everyones holding up, especially with the assessments and lockdown. i start my trials tomorrow and i'm not doing amazingly, but holdin up (ish) how are you guys?? what have you been...
  4. moriamsdubu

    anybody else whose trials aren't being postponed?

    fml lol principal refuses to postpone trials, still gonna be wk 3-4 :l