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    Songs for when you feel like crud...

    all falls down - kanye west is one :)
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    Goodluck To All For Today!

    thanks,i need all the luck i can get :P
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    median lines

    Questions, does the line of best fit have to start in the bottom left hand corner? or can it start halfway across and then go up on an angle for a graph like this (number 2)
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    Did the syllabus change since last year?

    Hey thanks cro_angel! i came on here to see if anyone else had problems with that Q like i did :D thanks for postn the answers and how u got it
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    My boyfriend thinks I'm fat

    This thread is useless without pics :)
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    I took pics of the exam room with my digi camera phone and your not meant to have em in there :P so i dunno thats liek one thing? :D
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    The 2004 HSC - Business Studies Paper

    I got that ;) lol oh well!! i thought the paper was good :D
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    On Line Study Group

    :D i have somthing ot contribute BPOC- behavioral, planning, organise,control CPOLC-classical, plan,organise,lead,control PPOLSC-political,power,organising,leading,(i ddint knwo what S stood for when i made htis) and controll AFAIK its right :D
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    classical and scientific

    so its all one thing now? :confused: my text book says 'clasical-scientfic theory' and under it has a thing on classical theorists and a little bit on scientific management...
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    classical and scientific

    classical theorists is to do with the division of labour, breaking a task up into small repetitive tasks scientific management is finding the scientifcally best way to do somthing and implementing that procedure
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    The 2004 HSC - (Standard) English Paper 2

    hell yeah :D:D:D:D cant weait to do mine (8
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    Module C - Elective 2: Ways of Living

    I did komninos..you can find *some* stuff on him on the net but jsut the poems, no summaries or anyhitng...his stuff is sorta...tacky? i dont like his style of poems...but then i dont really like poetry :p
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    Module C - Elective 1: The Inst. & Indv. Experience

    Yup i did a speech as well :D dont knwo how well i went tho :S
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    The 2004 HSC - (Standard) English Paper 2

    fark you Henry Lawson!! fark you Komninos!!! see you in hell Katherine Thomson :vcross: :p
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    I took my phone in..forgot to turn i off...remembered as they were handing out the booklets so i thought sit :s better turn it of, had it on LOUD and everyon heard the 'going off' tone lol on of the supervisors was pretty close to me and im like oh...here are you going to take it? she goes...
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    Henry Lawson related texts!

    sorry wrong thread
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    oh right...darcy visits dunbar to get away from it to have a rest, she's stressed because of the inquest she needs to appear at....so she relates with Bea? both woman..under pressure...whats in it for darcy tho? why is she so supportive of Bea? sympathy? sorry to bug u :S
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    ohh right i get that hrmm...what's darcy's actual role? she just seems to pop up here and there...only jsut realised darcy is a she :P i thought it was a guy that was sort of labouring for them (cleaning out the shed at the start :S)
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    haha study is good :P so there still fighting the corruption after the story finsihes? i thought she sails off with ehr sister?
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    true, what did she accomplish in the end? im trying to remember what the conclusion was RE the bribing and the corruption?