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    Exam Thoughts

    like everyone, i finished after 2 hours. something tells me this test is going to be scaled down, and bio is my best subject. FUCK !
  2. N

    General Thoughts - Mathematics

    hated the growth and decay question, ive never done an exponential like that before ????? i just think about all the people who had to do 4 unit and the fact i dont have to look at another maths problem forever or at least a while hoping for 70+, good luck peeps
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    General Thoughts - Chemistry

    i had no funing idea how to do that question. i had never done an equilibrium question like that before and it completely through me off. who gives a shit. =) no more chemistry.
  4. N

    General Thoughts - English Adv Paper 2

    why should length make any difference. if you ramble on about shit for a couple of pages doesnt mean your going to get a good mark. quality not quantity. although this is coming from a person who cant write very fast.
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    General Thoughts - English Paper 1 2007

    i reckon, what the fuck was with that plane metaphore at the end?????????????