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  1. K

    HPV Vaccinations

    The reason they aren't immunising the guys is that the vaccine hasn't completed its testing for males. Have a look at the Gardisal website (google it) or the HPV vaccine site, and that will explain it all. Girls who aren't at school and who are under 26 - if your Doctor is being smart (and by...
  2. K

    Sleep and Acne

    Any good medical journal articles that can shed some light here?? Very thought provoking though...
  3. K

    Silk Cord

    Spotlight? Other craft shops? Beading shops? They would be where I would try...
  4. K

    Going to CSU Wagga in '07!

    And two more cottages have just been completed.
  5. K

    Wagga Acccomodation

    You and every other first year who has just gotten into catered...
  6. K

    Going to CSU Wagga in '07!

    There is a spot behind the Marties Chapel that security can't see from the roads... Great place for fire twirling...
  7. K

    o week in wagga?any good?

    No one really knows what o-week is going to bring this year, seeing that Rivcol can't afford to do anything anymore...
  8. K

    Time spent travelling to work

    Between 15 and 20 mins by car - there is no public transport - it is about 20kms... Right in the centre of town...
  9. K

    B Nursing- Wagga

    Depends on where you are on the waiting list...
  10. K

    What's your job and how much you earn?

    Nup... I have been at a Dr's surgery as a receptionist for 5 months now, and I haven't signed anything with a surgery letterhead except the privacy contract. I'm 19 and get 8.94/hr, but that is according to the clerical and administration state award, not the trainee award.
  11. K


    A whole lot more than in their post-grad year...
  12. K

    Minimum pay?

    I get 9.84 as a 19 year old trainee receptionist being paid under the clerical and administration stage award.
  13. K

    Wer 2 Stay??wagga

    South the rooms are quite big, and it has pay TV, but the atmosphere perhaps isn't the greatest (this is coming from someone who only visits there... All 3 the girls that I knew that lived on South at some point this year have all moved off... Advantage is that you can return to Wagga during the...
  14. K

    Another Christmas pressie help thread.

    CD? Movie tickets? Dinner voucher? (for your older brother & her to use together)
  15. K

    Any1 waitn 4 PREP offer 2 CSU or got 1 last yr?

    I had to wait until about 5 days before I got my results to find out that I didn't get in in 2004.
  16. K

    Music 1 Exam Thoughts...

    So can anyone actually tell me titles and artists of each of the excerpts used??
  17. K

    san francisco =]

    Went in 97... I didn't particularly like it... It was a rather dirty city (like the city streets went swept or anything)... My sister and I ate maccas three meals a day for three days... The shopping was okay...
  18. K

    Tax return question

    I paid almost a grand in tax on $13 400ish.
  19. K

    what is your everyday jewellery

    White gold diamond ring that my grandparents gave me for my 18th Stud earings (one in each ear) Watch (small/delicate) Silver necklace with cz pendant