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  1. DangSta

    Actuarial Studies - Is it Worth It?

    My big brother finished actuarial studies/applied finance. He completed the course at Mac and he's gonna graduate at the end of dis yr. He's in france at the moment studying european business. I'm so proud of him! lol. Hopefully he can find a job in europe one day or something in China should be...
  2. DangSta

    Can't find notes on gwen harwood's poems

    and if there are no notes on the net, what study guides are available? I've only seen the excel one but it's so thin...don't know if that's worth buying
  3. DangSta

    Can't find notes on gwen harwood's poems

    grrrr!!! anyone have any notes on gwen harwood and her poems? I've search google but can't find any good sites. Anyone know of any? THANKS
  4. DangSta

    St Leonards Science Welcome

  5. DangSta

    Cells, Genetics and Evolution

    yeah... i'm doing it. yes we need to buy the kits.
  6. DangSta

    CompSoc :: The UTS Computing Society

    can't u guys send the card to us??? we've paid 10 bucks already....so...??
  7. DangSta

    St Leonards Science Welcome

    Heeey panda Bear!! LoLz. yeah...the city talk was so boring. ZzzzZZZzz but st leonards was alright....we get to go to the top of Dunbar building...that was awesome since u can the view! The whole tour was alright...it was worth it cause now i know the way to *some* of the buildings. Panda...
  8. DangSta

    UTS Textbook List

    textbook list heey... i was wondering...when do we get our textbook list?? through mail?? Or do we have to figure which books we need by going to the co-op website? i've been to the website and i could search for the books i need for sesmester 1 and know the prices. the website is...
  9. DangSta

    chemistry bridging

    hey "panda Bear!" i hope u have fun at chem tutorials!
  10. DangSta

    CompSoc :: The UTS Computing Society

    heey! ummm... i give it to u later.. not here....its off the topic....hehe.
  11. DangSta


    Hmmmm....thanks for the good idea ribbon.
  12. DangSta

    CompSoc :: The UTS Computing Society

    kool! if u guys create a society/club, i will join for sure! if not, then i join Compsoc. There seems to be quite a few societies that i like at uts... Its a gif. i don't think u can put videos on here...
  13. DangSta

    Uni and Failing

    my brother has just completed actuarialstudies/applied finance at macquarie.... he says around a half of the students remain while the other half probably drop out or took another course which may be simliar or only decided to just study "applied finance" instead.
  14. DangSta

    CompSoc :: The UTS Computing Society

    Bwaahahahah...."cabra junkie RULES" ...dat is so true! *Cheers*
  15. DangSta

    Free Handbooks?

    the science one was about 2cm thick i think.
  16. DangSta

    CompSoc :: The UTS Computing Society

    dayum. sounds interesting....too bad i don't do a IT course :(
  17. DangSta

    Who is studying french at Usyd?

    Heey Andrew!!!! LoLz...its me...u know who.. hehe... Have fun learning french..its definately worth it for the future.
  18. DangSta

    has everyone got their timetable yet?

    lol.... yeah ...that sig.. hahaha...makes me laugh everytime i see it.
  19. DangSta

    UTS O-Week 2004 (23rd - 27th Feb)

    cool thanks "jase-REX" and "skip to my lou". gotta copy and paste that just incase... i don't usually travel up there... is chatswood close to st leonards?? Does st leonards have any shops?