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  1. Albert K. Holic

    CSU - On Campus/Off Campus?

    I lived in JOV this year, and i reckon it was awesome... hence my living there again next year. really though, any on campus accomodation is good fun, and someone mentioned something about o-week on campus... best time ever. my girlfriend is an RA next year, and i'm gonna go and stay with her...
  2. Albert K. Holic

    uni life at Bathurst

    hi sez yeah, bex is absolutely right when she says bathurst campus life is great. this has been my first year at bathurst, and i love it, and we havent even had cindy ball or village fair yet! but thats all about to change... anyway, its great, thoroughly recommend it.
  3. Albert K. Holic

    communications public relations

    i think that the communications degrees are generally quite practical... i know the ones offered at CSU and UTS require you to do an internship, as well as doing numerous hands on placements in second year. I have a friend doing Media and communications at USyd, and apparently they do a similar...
  4. Albert K. Holic

    type of accommodation?

    Jov hi guys, i just can't let JOV not get a mention here. don't let the doubters get you down guys... the only reason more JOV people haven't posted on here to give it a wrap is coz theyre all too busy having fun.... unlike me, who is stuck at home, pretending to study, but all the while...
  5. Albert K. Holic

    Anyone do or want to do journalism?

    im a first year PR student at CSU, and some of my friends who do journo say its good, but fair bit of work. but then again, u cant argue with the reputation when you look at the people who have come out of the course, as well as the fact that its very highly valued in the industry.
  6. Albert K. Holic

    which uni has the largest and smallest campus?

    come on, surely UTS has one of the smallest campus
  7. Albert K. Holic

    communications public relations

    sure, i understand what ur saying. however there is somthign important to remember here. i can understand that someone working in communications industry could quite easily have a degree from another faculty eg economics, business etc a journailst being a perfect example. I wouldnt hire...
  8. Albert K. Holic

    Numb/Encore - Linkin Park/Jay Z what a combo?

    nope.... sorry. 1/5. gives me the shits bigtime when i hear this song for the 1000th time at work (as many others have stated). this, and also that nasty girl song, with the sample of candy girl.... wrecked a classic.
  9. Albert K. Holic

    Dining hall

    im just wondering how good the food is. also, as a vegetarian (prepares for slanderous statements about masculinity, mental stability etc), do i need to tell anyone that i have "special needs", or will the food for vegetarians just be there? cheers.
  10. Albert K. Holic

    communications public relations

    lol, thats exactly what i did too...
  11. Albert K. Holic

    communications public relations

    can't tell you anything about it, because i havent started it yet, but im doing it at CSU bathurst. got in with a UAI in the high 80's, so the cutoff is probably around there. dont be discouraged by the "extra criteria" either, because i know i was, but then it turns out its pretty easy...
  12. Albert K. Holic

    What will you be drinking at O- week?

    nice.... i get the feeling thats going to be the general approach to most things... eating, drinking etc. also, i see u went to MCC in emu plains. small world, my dads a teacher there.
  13. Albert K. Holic

    Student List!

    B Arts (communication: PR and organisational comm) Bathurst 1st year JOV
  14. Albert K. Holic


    bad luck talene.... tho i have heard the same thing as fro and bex, in that the waiting list moves really quickly. anyway, JOV for me... :)
  15. Albert K. Holic

    I dont know nothing about uni

    bearpooh, was the point of your posting so far in this thread to actually answer any questions? or was it just to let everyone know that your family is made up of lawyers and doctors, that theyre filthy rich, and that everyone loves you? could you at least be consistent? you go on about how...
  16. Albert K. Holic

    Working in a pub

    Im trying to find out what sort of pay you can get working in, you guessed it, a pub. Im thinking that it will either be pretty good, coz u have to deal with drunks, work late hours etc, or it will be really shit, because the employer is trying to make the biggest profit possible. so if...
  17. Albert K. Holic

    2005 University Offers - Post them here (No spam)!

    BA in communications (PR and organisational communication) @ CSU 1st pref.
  18. Albert K. Holic

    So who's off to CSU this year???

    nice, me too! golden! how good is it! personally, im stoked. hopefully ill see all you guys out there at bathurst, and we can party down to the max. im soooo happy right now. presumably your name is lou/louise/louisa. nice to meet you, my name is mitch...
  19. Albert K. Holic

    Un-Australian not to eat lamb?

    thats a good point, im pretty sure sam kekovich says pretty much everything with tongue firmly in cheek. but as a vegetarian, i feel slightly offended by the implication that i am unaustralian. and to say "anzacs fought for....." is a load of shit. the ANZACs did not go to war to protect our...
  20. Albert K. Holic

    Extra-curricular activities

    ok, so ive done a bit of uhhh.... shall we call it "field research", and ive gotta say, i was wrong to doubt you bathurst :) the results of this research indicate to me that country towns are absolutely fantastic places to go out on the town. i would easily say that in ranking my top 10...