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  1. Z

    Choosing career please help!

    Is software engineering a good career to persue in Australia in terms of employability and working conditions? Also what's the difference between Software engineering at computer science, having a dilemna in choosing which one to persue in uni, or are other engineering professions better?
  2. Z

    99.75 Atar Resources For Sale!

    Hey guys 2021 graduate here looking to sell the resources I’ve bought/made for y12 at a very reasonable price. I got 99.75 atar using these resources and so I highly recommend! Selling all textbooks for - Math standard, advanced, Ext 1 or Ext 2 - Chemistry, Physics - hard copy English advanced...
  3. Z

    Fitzpatrick vs Terry Lee

    Message me I’ll sell you both for cheaper than price of one lol
  4. Z

    Macquarie or UNSW

    Say I'm not 100% sure about actuary, but I would be keen for compsci either way, should I still go to macquarie for the actuary x IT (or compsci)?
  5. Z

    Macquarie or UNSW

    I got an offer for a scholarschip at Mcq (10k a year) for actuary, and I live 20 minutes away whereas UNSW I have no scholarschip and live 1 hour away, which one would be a better fit? I wanted to double actuary with compsci so I can only do that at UNSW but at mcq I can do actuary with IT so is...
  6. Z

    The Crucible

    Dm if you wana buy three 20/20 crucible essays where I've highlighted the key rubric ideas
  7. Z

    Offering 1-1 or Group online or F2F tutoring ($30 an hour, I received a 99.75 atar)

    Hey guys, I'm a 2021 graduate who's passionate about helping other students succeed through a problem-based teaching approach, meaning that my lessons not only provide the necessary content as per the syllabus points, but more of an exploration of how this content can be integrated into...
  8. Z

    Class of 2021, do you have any comeback moments during your HSC year?

    Task 1 english advanced: 60% task 2/3 english advanced: 100% if you put your mind to it u can accomplish trust me
  9. Z

    Simple Harmonic Q Help please

    yo do u mind sharing the pdf for this please? I have it for 3U but not 4U
  10. Z

    BEST study TEXTBOOKS for PHYSiCS/CHEM- HSC?????????????

    mate I'm desperate to find this textbook haha Sorry
  11. Z

    BEST study TEXTBOOKS for PHYSiCS/CHEM- HSC?????????????

    Does any one have the dotpoint textbook for year 11 chemistry new syllabus and wouldn't mind sharing it with me please?
  12. Z


    Hey do you happen to have any learning resources that I can use (past papers) for the new syllabus to help me in my preliminary year 11 studies for 3u/2u math, physics and chemistry? Thank you and all the best.
  13. Z

    Past Paper

    Hey I was just wondering where I could find some past papers for the new syllabus for chemistry, physics and math(3u/2u), other than thsconline of course! Thank you