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  1. J

    raw marks

    what raw mark would I have to achieve on the exam to get my external mark scaled to around 41-45
  2. J


    i have no exams until extension next tuesday but i’m not sure what to do to prepare for extension english because i’m so exhausted from doing 6 other exams :// i’m only aiming for around 41-43/50 and i feel alright about the essay but how could i maximise my literary worlds section marks because...
  3. J


    how does scaling work? like if i get an 86-88 in business studies raw in my exam what will that scale to? i thought we just had our raw marks and moderated school marks added together this whole time lol
  4. J

    section 4 essay

    is it possible to get an essay on processes? I just looked through the questions and they seem to rarely ask processes for this section
  5. J

    case studies

    is it okay to draw on my own general knowledge for case studies because I feel like I can think of a business I know for most of the dot points. For example in marketing for global branding I know Mcdonalds has a global brand so would I just be able to say "One business that effectively utilises...
  6. J

    extra paper

    i’m probably just overthinking it like i’m sure i ticked the extra box for more paper at the bottom of the writing booklet during society and culture but what happens if i didn’t but they supervisors still put all the papers together and number the writing booklets and all that
  7. J

    short answers tips

    I feel like I understand the content so what can I do to enhance my short answers and make sure im getting the 4/4 or the 6/6 etc. I always try to link to wellbeing and needs and be as specific as I can with my examples, is there anything else I should keep in mind?
  8. J


    do you think the markers of essays and short answers will be more lenient this year because of lockdown, especially in the hsie subjects where its mostly essays there's more room to be lenient
  9. J


    ive put off studying for cafs bc my other subjects are harder and most of it is common sense but now the test is on Friday and I havent done as much for it as my other subjects, am I screwed....
  10. J

    multiple choice tips?

    the multiple choice is so confusing, ive done all the nesa papers and im still stuck how can I improve
  11. J

    free trade/protection stats

    can anyone send me some free/trade and protection statistics just in case we get that tomorrow because that’s the only thing i don’t have stats for 😬
  12. J

    mod b help!!

    if we get asked about the distinctive features of the text as the question, how would I adapt my analysis of the themes to that? I have distinctive qualities embedded in my essay but what are some kind of sentence or ideas that I could use to place the emphasis on distinctive qualities since my...
  13. J

    discursive help

    What can I include in my paragraphs to avoid rambling? I know anecdotes help make it more engaging but what other things should I keep in mind? Also would it be okay to just link the question to something personal like talking about school, Covid, coming of age etc so I have more direction in...
  14. J

    mod c

    if we’re asked to write about a theme from our mod c texts what’s a really general theme that’s easy to write about that i could choose from ‘a crafty feeling’ or ‘what time is it now where you are’ because both are about writing which isnt a general or easy theme to write about it that makes sense
  15. J

    CAFS tips

    what are some tips for last minute cafs study? I ranked 2nd internally and im not really aiming for a band 6 so I put it off a bit because I feel confident in talking about the content since its pretty general knowledge I just need to know the terminology and examples. Do you have any last...
  16. J

    essay memorising tips?

    I need tips on how to memorise my essays for common mod, mod A and mod B. I'm not memorising the whole thing, just my intro and like the quotes, techniques, analysis portion of my paragraphs, so leaving out the links and point sentences. Is it better to keep writing it out over and over or...
  17. J

    economics help!!!

    so economics is 6 days away and I don't feel confident or ready, my internal rank 3rd and I got an 89 My goal for economics was a band 5 and I feel like im currently sitting on a 78-79 mark for the exam because I feel like I might lose a lot of marks in the short answers and the multiple choice...
  18. J

    mod c

    does anyone have any mod c or discursive tips? Also if we get a choice is imaginative, discursive or persuasive better - my teacher said discursive because there's like techniques to think about compared to imaginative and I was also thinking of picking persuasive since I struggle with thinking...
  19. J

    economics essay predictions?

    what are you guys predicting for the essays? i’m hoping for macro policies which i think is likely because of last year and i also want balance of payments
  20. J

    popular culture/belief systems predictions?

    What are your guesses for the 15 markers? I'm really hoping for peace and conflict for belief systems